Sunday, August 31, 2008

One Call Communications

Communication is what we need as homo sapiens and what we lack so often. We have so many different gadgets and devices and still sometimes we cannot even have the possibility to talk to our friends. There is always not enough time, not enough money, or not enough something else. But sometimes everything we need to do is to give a call. And then we need services of different telecommunications companies. And these companies also offer different television services, and so much more. And we do not have to forget about the Internet they provide. This is the source of neverending news, data, and many other things we need to communicate. One Call Communications provides all these services.

One Call Communications services and products. One Call Communications is an American company. The company is headquartered in Wilson, North Carolina. One Call Communications provides a wide range of different telecommunication services such as wireless service and so much more; sells cell phones and related accessories. Besides, the company provides numerous calling plans for its customers with different bonuses and discounts. One Call Communications operates a GSM network in some US states and CDMA networks in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Recently, One Call Communications introduced its new Blackberry service and a number of other benefits. One Call Communications has a special program to control the quality of the customer service. The company provides local and long distance phone service. The company offers a number of different plans to its customers. The plans of One Call Communications include many various features: low international rates, unlimited calling to many countries worldwide such as China, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France and many others; voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, call blast, and so much more.

One Call Communications problems. Notwithstanding different benefits of One Call Communications services, many people complain about them. They state that the company sets unreasonable prices. Some of One Call Communications services are just good examples of ripping off. Besides, people often have problems with customer service. They state that you can call One Call Communications 800 numbers in vain and never get an answer. Or wait for quite a long time for some inexperienced customer service representative to tell you that this is your problem and you have to solve it by yourself. They can be rather rude and forget about your consumer rights.

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