Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Washington Tax Services

International businesses believe they are not fully prepared to handle a growing number of threats in an increasingly volatile global financial marketplace. Nowadays there have been a number of significant concerns expressed among experts concerning risks, including organised crime, internal fraud, and scam. Globalisation has also exacerbated many pre-existing, low-probability, high-impact risks, such as violations of the fair business practice regulations. And one of such financial institutions is Washington Tax Services, which arose a number of consumer complaints.

Services provided. Washington Tax Services is an American company. The comapny specializes in providing of different financial services, such as personal assistance, business consulting services, tax preparation, and so muc more. Washington Tax Services is one of the leading tax preparation companies in the area. The company deals with tax refunds for customers and provides fast IRS tax help. Washington Tax Services provides a variety of financial products, among them refund anticipation loan, accelerated check refund, assisted direct deposit, Washington Tax Services cash card and many other services focused to solve IRS or State tax issues. Washington Tax Services’s main activities are to offer different services of financial nature to its consumers and businesses, such as: mortgage lending, consumer lending, credit card services, investment services and retail banking. Washington Tax Services operates a number of financial service offices. The company focuses on lending facilities and tax operations. Washington Tax Services claims to have very good customer service and a number of call centers across the US. Besides, they call themselves an understanding mortgage servicing company giving loans to questionable people with poor credit record. They say that the company was created to help people with financial difficulties.

Washington Tax Services complaints. Most complaints against Washington Tax Services contain some violation of laws. It is really interesting how such company is still in business. It seems like Washington Tax Services just cannot post the loan payments of its customers on time. They delay these payments or even miss them. And then a customer receives a letter stating that he is behind the payment and he already charged late fees. Maybe, Washington Tax Services main profit is the collection of late fees. And if only the customer tries to fix the things and get it right, they report to the credit card agency and just ruin your credit record. This is a trivia story about a credit and a life destroyed by Washington Tax Services.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Royal Caribbean

Many people consider that vacation is the most wonderful time of the year, no matter what season it is. We work, wait and save money to finally get that rest that we deserve. And there are thousands of different ways of spending those precious two weeks. And surely, that depends on each person individually, on his or her attitude to life and spare time and on the financial situation. But still, the ways we use to book tickets and reserve hotel rooms are pretty much the same. And Royal Caribbean is a well-known company in the traveling industry. But is this company famous or notorious? Huge amount of complaints prove the later. Here we enlist some problems you have to be aware of while using the services of Royal Caribbean.

Information about the company. Royal Caribbean International is a cruise line. The company is well known for a number of different amenities like specialty restaurants, surfing simulators, rock-climbing walls, and ice-skating rinks on their cruise ships. Royal Caribbean International offers more than hundred and seventy destinations all over the world. The company also offers such services as shore and land excursions, glacier trekking, cave tubing, biking, and so much more. The company also has a special Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor quest loyalty program. Royal Caribbean International has a fleet of the most modern and innovative ships in the world.

Royal Caribbean problems. The problem number one is poor customer service. This word combination is probably used in all complaints. The thing is that there are many Royal Caribbean customer service centers but there are not so many good customer service representatives. When some problem appears, and they appear quite often when a person uses Royal Caribbean, then it turns out to be almost impossible talk to some representative. The customers can spend hours on hold, trying in vain to get somebody who can help them, but very often it never happens. And even if the customer finally broke through the busy lines, the customer service representative cannot help because he or she cannot solve the problem, or because it is just not important for him or her. And there were many cases when Royal Caribbean representatives were unbelievably rude with customers just because they had a bad day. Besides, the organization of crises can be poor. While having some of the Royal Caribbean cruises the customer should be ready that the hotel would not be like promised, there would not be certain amenities and so on. And then the customer tries to talk to some Expedia managers to have them solving the problem. But in many cases these managers are enable to help because they just do not have the powers to solve the issue. And there is nothing you can do on place with that fact.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Some companies constantly review their business in order to provide customers with excellent service at competitive prices. And these companies care a lot about the customer service. But others just do not pay that much attention to it. And as a result, you get some products that are faulty or broken and services that are unprofessional and unacceptable. But you do not have to tolerate such insolence, being charged for something absolutely not cost-effective. Thus, you have to write a complaint. And if you are going to write a complaint against Buslink, then you might find a lot of complaints just like yours. This company is getting more and more notorious. And if you are going to file a complaint against Buslink, it is much better to do this in written form.

Why a written one? You may wonder, why you should better write a complaint against such company as Buslink, not to settle the problem by phone or to come in person if it is possible. The thing is that a written document is always better. If Buslink receives a document, the company should surely react somehow. If they would not, in the end when the thing would possibly go too far, you would have more facts on your side. That is why writing a complaint and sending it via mail, e-mail or fax, you get more chances to have your trouble fixed up. And then Buslink surely has to react and do something to settle the matter and solve the problem.

What you should write. First of all, you have to understand clearly, what kind of thing is a customer’s written complaint. Everyone should deal very carefully with complaint writing. This is not trivia; you have to be very careful with your language and diplomatic in your attitude. You should better ask Buslink to suggest some solutions and you should suggest them yourself, because this is actually became your common problem as soon as you decided to shop or work with them. Secondly, you should provide the all the facts concerning the problem and be very precise. Do not use any direct threats, because an aggressive way of communication would never do you good. You should prove that is their fault and be smart and insisting. The complaint should be written in such a way, they would not be able just to deny the responsibility.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First Financial Solutions

If you are doing some extensive research with only one aim of finding some good auto finance company, you have to find as much information as possible. Taking an auto loan is a very important decision and you cannot make any mistakes and bring yourself to disappointment and loss of the car. If you research about Triad Financial Corporation, here is some more info.

Company overview. First Financial Solutions is an American mortgage broker. First Financial Solutions provides a complete line of commercial and residential lending solutions: mortgage refinance loans, debt consolidation loans, new home loans, standard mortgage loans, alternative mortgages, and so much more. First Financial Solutions controls mortgage loan process and provides low interest rates for the customers with good credit record. Besides, it serves the customers with credit scores ranging slightly lower than what the lender considers good. The company has offices all over the country. First Financial Solutions employs loan specialists who investigate each case individually and offer a preferable solution. First Financial Solutions has its own philosophy, which is in making the dreams of its customers come true. This is the auto finance company that is one of the leading companies in the sub-prime auto financing market. The company focuses on those customers who have poor credit record and cannot get a prime auto loan. First Financial Solutions states that the first thing the company wants to perform is to help the customers of Triad to get back on feet and re-establish their credit once again. The company claims, that the business of First Financial Solutions is built on three whales, which are the company, the customer and the shareholder. And everything that is performed by this auto finance company should serve the aim of satisfying all the three parts. The company has a very strong management policy and ownership to deliver the best service to its customers.

First Financial Solutions complaints. Many customers of First Financial Solutions complain about the fraudulent business practices of the company. The say that sometimes First Financial cannot take the right control of the payments and this results in missed payments even though they have been sent. Besides, the company harasses the unfortunate customers with rude phone calls all day and night long. And finally people lose their hard earned vehicle. To stop these unfair activities, they file numerous complaints against Triad to BBB and Attorney General. Something has to be done when injustice rules.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Perkins Restaurant

A few decades ago restaurants were the sign of luxury and wealth. At the present time, however, an average American can afford a visit to a restaurant. The reason is that there are several classes of restaurants.

Any problems? Today every self respecting citizen of the US can afford to go to a restaurant. This may not be a fancy, where a steak costs half of your monthly earning, but an ordinary one with pleasant relaxing atmosphere and good customer service. Sometimes, however it is quite a problem to find a good and not expensive restaurant. If the company does not charge huge prices for the food and the service then it does not seem to care about the clients too much. If you happen to get to the kitchen of an average restaurant you will be shocked to death. All the dirt and mess simply drives crazy. Concerning the chefs it is a different topic to dwell upon. These people are very sensitive. And if you dare to return the dish because it looks spoiled or unattractive, then you should expect the same plate to arrive at your table in half an hour with a chef to have spitted into it. Waiters and waitresses may also spoil the level of the restaurant. Average companies usually hire people with lack of experience to pay them less. This experience shortage usually comes in one package with rude and impolite manners.
If to compare high standing restaurants with average, then it is worth mentioning that the gap between them is drastic. In terms of food everything can happen, but concerning customer service – there is nothing to worry about.

Perkins Restaurant is considered to be one of the oldest in the country. here they treasure the traditions of tasty food and positive and pleasant atmosphere.

Perkins Restaurant. The Perkins Restaurant and Bakery chain is recognized as one of the most popular and fastest growing companies in the industry. Perkins Restaurant was founded in 1958 when the very first Perkins Pancake House was opened in Ohio. The menu of the Perkins Restaurant and Bakery chain includes breakfast, lunch and dinner selection of different tasty things. The customers of the Perkins Restaurant and Bakery chain can either order or take out Perkins products. The Perkins Restaurant and Bakery chain specializes in muffins, pies and cookies.

There are more than five hundred Perkins Restaurants all over the United States and Canada.