Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Clear Wire

In the telecommunications industry there are not so many companies that have control over the main markets. And they compete with each other as well. The whole world knows the names of these companies and they can be pretty satisfied about the consumer awareness of their brands because sometimes their products just do not need being advertised.

The telecommunication era. Telecommunication is an important part of modern society. In 2006, estimates placed the telecommunication industry's revenue at under 3% of the gross world product.

On the smaller scale, companies use telecommunication to assist in the building of global empires. In big cities all over the world, people use their telephones to provide many home services ranging from pizza deliveries to booking hotels abroad. Even in relatively poor communities the use of telecommunication services has been on the comparatively high level.
On the larger scale, there is a connection between the effective economic growth and good telecommunication infrastructure. Very few dare to dispute the existence of a correlation.
Because of the economic benefits of good telecommunication system, there is increasing disturbance about the digital divide. This is caused by the fact that the world's population does not have equal access to telecommunication systems. The survey held in 2003 by the International Telecommunication Union showed that roughly in one-third of countries of the world 1 person has a mobile subscription pro every 25 people as well as one-third of the countries have less than 1 fixed line subscription pro every 25 people. Concerning the Internet access, hardly half of all countries have less than 1 in 25 people with the connection Internet. An index that measures the overall ability of citizens to access and use information and communication technologies was defined. According to the data, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland have the highest ranking while the African countries Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali - the lowest. Positive is the fact that the data change every day. Information technologies are rapidly conquering every corner of the world. On the US market there are two companies that do enhance the interrelation on the microeconomic as well as macroeconomic levels. These are Verizon, AT&T, Clear Wire and several others.

Clear Wire. Clear Wire Company was founded in 2003 by Craig O. McCaw, a telecom service provider. The company entered the market officially in 2004. At the present time, the corporate office of the company is headquartered in Kirkland, Wash. Clear Wire specializes in simple, portable, fast, and reliable wireless high-speed Internet. Among other services are also unlimited local and long-distance calls as well as caller ID, voice mail, call forwarding and waiting services and more. The Internet is connected through a licensed spectrum without any cable or phone lines.

Clear-Wire offers its services throughout the United States, Mexico and Europe.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rent A Center

What does a person do if he/she is short of money and can not get a loan at a bank because of a bad credit history? However, he/she needs to buy furniture, for example? In such cases people apply to rent to own companies.

Rent to own industry. Rent to own is a term for a business which rents items, typically furniture or appliances, with the condition that the item will belong to the renter if the term of rent runs out. As long as rent to own stores do not require payment up front, so they are popular with poor people. However, they offer high interest rates and higher cash prices than other stores; thus, they are more expensive than buying the same item right away. This has led to the situation when the rent to own industry is accused of predatory lending. The industry representatives argue that their business is a lease, opposed to a credit sale, and claim that no interest is charged. The companies assure that they provide an easy, affordable way for people to furnish their homes without incurring a continuing obligation and without needing access to credit. 75% of all the industry transactions are weekly. The consumers agree to pay a weekly amount for leasing property. The other 25% of agreements are paid once or twice a month. As a rule, the agreements are concluded for a 12, 18, or 24 month term. If the consumers rent the merchandise for the full term, ownership is acquired. A consumer has the right to return a rented item at any time without penalty. One of the representatives of the industry is Rent-A-Center Company.


Rent A Center is rent to own company. It was founded in 1986. At the present time, the company operates 3,500 locations in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. The Rent-A-Center stores offer name-brand furniture, appliances, electronics, and computers. The clients get the merchandise through flexible rental purchase agreements. Rent A Center offers same-day delivery, 90 days same as cash and an early purchase option. If the merchandise need repair while it is on rent, the company repairs it at no additional cost. Rent-A-Center also offers a product substitute for their clients to use while theirs is in service. The company is rapidly growing due to acquisitions and new store openings. Rent-A-Center's operations include: Get It Now! (merchandise on an installment sales basis); Cash AdvantEdge (short-term loans, check cashing, money transfers, and other convenient financial services); Rent-A-Center Corporate Leasing (provides furnishings for businesses that need short-term living arrangements for employees); National Product Service (provides merchandise warranty and repair service to our stores and third parties from 30 service centers located across the U.S. and in Puerto Rico).

Saturday, May 10, 2008


At the present time coffee is one of the most popular drinks. Coffee is a drink made from the roasted and ground beanlike seeds of a tropical shrub, served hot or iced. This drink makes people addicted to its taste, color and smell. But on the other side, coffee makes them more energetic, fresh and ready fight all the troubles of our real life. That is why it has become so natural to meet friends in the coffee houses and chat with them sipping some espresso drink or cappuccino. Some people just drink coffee and others prefer really to enjoy it and indulge themselves. And these connoisseurs know the price to real coffee with perfect taste and smell. And usually they choose Gevalia coffee.

Gevalia. Gevalia Coffee is a Scandinavian coffee roastery. The company entered the North American market in 1983 as an expensive premium coffee. The King of Sweden provided Gevalia Coffee with a Royal Warrant on the quality. Still, Gevalia coffee is really a premium coffee and deserves the best characteristics. Gevalia Coffee is a wholly owned part of Kraft Foods. It is the largest coffee roastery in Scandinavia. The company offers more than 40 different sorts of coffee and tea. The company sells coffee roasted differently and blended differently. Gevalia started to market its coffee using well-known marketing tricks of presenting free coffee related products. The company started a large marketing campaign to win the American consumer market and succeeded. But notwithstanding this fact, the company uses different methods to market its product in the United States and these methods does not always meet the desires and needs of the consumers. That is why there have been many complaints posted against the company.

Consumer complaints. People like premium coffee, but they loke good customer service even more. It is very important to care about the customers. There have been hundreds of complaints written against the spam advertising sent by Kraft Foods. Even the lawsuit was filed. Then, people complain because they are sometimes charged for nothing by Gevalia Coffee. People started to call the company's customer service and were made aware that they were charged for the shipping of some new sample products because they were the members. Thus, the company charges its customers every month around thirty dollars. And it appears to be very difficult to settle down the issue and even to cancel the account

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Nissan USA

There are some global companies that are known worldwide. These companies usually become so famous and respected due to the quality of services and products they provide. No company would stay on top position for a long time just owing to advertising. There should be something else like quality. And then people start use their products and services in many countries because they believe in the quality of these products. Nissan Motor Company has revealed its secret of popularity and success, which lies in sticking to good old Japanese traditions and quality.

Nissan Motor Company. Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. is a publicly held Japanese company. The company was founded seventy six years ago. Nissan uses a very simple and understandable slogan that reflects the activities of the company and this slogan is "Shift". This automobile manufacturer is one of the largest car manufacturers in the whole world. The company manufactures the famous VQ engines that are considered to be on the list of the best engines in the world. After the severe financial difficulties in 1980s, the company entered an alliance with Renault S.A. of France. At the present time both companies are linked by cross-shareholding, and Renault holds almost a half of Nissan shares.

About Nissan USA. When Nissan Motor Company was founded, it has employed a chief designer who was an American and who suggested to use the latest cutting edge American technology. That is why it is possible to say that all the vehicle designs have the roots in the United States. And in the 1950s the company decided that it was time to expand into the largest car market of the world, which is surely the United States. The company founded its subsidiary Nissan USA in the United States after the auto show in Los Angeles in 1959, where Nissan Motor Company first presented their cars. And the company became very popular there with their stylish sedans, sporty cars such as Datsun Fairlady roadsters, 411 series, Datsun 510 and Datsun 240Z. Nissan provides a whole model line of new and pre-owned Nissan vehicles that include Nissan Sentra, Altima, Sentra SE-R, Altime Coupe, Maxima, 350Z, Quest, Rogue, Xterra, Pathfinder, Murano, Armada, Titan, and Frintier. The company offers a huge selection of auto parts and accessories. In addition, Nissan USA offers auto financing. The company provides its products and services online as well, through its official domain. World Car Nissan is one of the largest Nissan dealerships in the United States. Nissan USA has a number of factories in the United States that are located in Tennessee and Mississippi.