Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ethan Allen

It is very important where you live. What is meant by this phrase is not the location or the house itself, but the atmosphere and the surrounding. Many psychological surveys have proved how much the home atmosphere influences the person working abilities, mood and even health, especially mental health. We have to care about our places, we have to put a part of our souls in it, they say. That is why next time you are going to the furniture store, keep these things in mind. You do not have to be crazy about it, to read all the books about design and everything. You should pay some more attention to the details not to have the unpleasant results. That is why the choice of the furniture tore is very important. You should better research about different home improvement stores. One of them can be Ethan Allen.

The store. Ethan Allen provides a very great option of various upholstered and wooden furniture, dining room, living room and bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture, and many more. You can say a lot judging the tag line of the company, which is "Classic design. Modern Perspective". This furniture store produces many classic things that would look great together some hi-tech items, adding the personal touch and style. You can take an Ethan Allen catalog home and think over the future design and choose the things you like most.

The complaints. Regardless of all the advertising, Ethan Allen furniture store sometimes provide items that are so poorly built that they just feel apart like a cake. And it is very difficult to get a refund or to exchange the item because Ethan Allen furniture stores not always honor the warranty. The managers will be able to find any lame excuse not to provide you a new item or at least the money. But when they sell you the item, they swear that it is the best out of the best, just like most scammers do.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Complaint writing

Some companies constantly review their business in order to provide customers with excellent service at competitive prices. And these companies care a lot about the customer service. But others just do not pay that much attention to it. And as a result, you get some products that are faulty or broken and services that are unprofessional and unacceptable. But you do not have to tolerate such insolence, being charged for something absolutely not cost-effective. Thus, you have to write a complaint.

Why a written one? You may wonder, why you should better write a complaint , not to settle the problem by phone or to come in person if it is possible. The thing is that a written document is always better. If the offender receives a document, he should surely react somehow. If he would not, in the end when the thing would possibly go too far, you would have more facts on your side. That is why writing a complaint and sending it via mail, e-mail or fax, you get more chances to have your trouble fixed up.

What you should write. First of all, you have to understand clearly, what kind of thing is a customer’s written complaint. Everyone should deal very carefully with complaint writing. This is not trivia; you have to be very careful with your language and diplomatic in your attitude. You should better ask the company to suggest some solutions and you should suggest them yourself, because this is actually became your common problem as soon as you decided to shop or work with them. Secondly, you should provide the all the facts concerning the problem and be very precise. Do not use any direct threats, because an aggressive way of communication would never do you good. You should prove that is their fault and be smart and insisting. The complaint should be written in such a way, they would not be able just to deny the responsibility.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


People usually plan their vacation in advance. Some people even have such a hobby: to plan every little detail, to check various Internet sites and to choose the destination, the hotel, the airline. And it takes a lot of time to plan everything perfectly and to be sure that on those days you will really have the greatest time of the year. Vacation is like investment in your future and the rules are the same: the more you invest – the more you get in the end. Memories would warm the heart and impressions would bring the tired mind back to life. That is why a vacation must be perfectly planned and then performed. That is why we tell you here about Iberostar.

Iberostar and Apple vacations. Before we will tell you about Iberostar hotels, you should be aware that Apple vacations traveling agency advertises Iberostar with the utmost of its power. In such a way even those who have never any problem with this agency and its traveling packages, would be caught in this trap. But some Iberostar resorts are very nice places to visit and there are no similar problems with the described below.

Iberostar resorts. The level of the service in some hotels is really much to be desired. The customer service is very poor. If you need something and even come up to the front desk to ask, there could be very little politeness in the answer of the employees. Some people even got in Iberostar when the staff was on strike. Besides, the restaurants in some of the Iberostar hotels are just horrible. The food can be tasteless and the option of the dishes very small. Besides, the service can be very slow. Maybe there is a lack of customer service because of poor management. All the amenities in the hotel are nice, but the service can spoil all the impression.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ameriquest Mortgage and Money Tree Mortgage

Usually companies are forced to take action when they some really big threat to the reputation. That is why your complaints and class action suits are so important. Complaints ensure that the problem can be solved and companies such as Ameriquest Mortgage and Money Tree would have to make their business more honest. They have to make their payments public for everybody to see that they are not cheated, to fight this instability and fraud. It would be great if they could take some steps to increase the transparency of their work, like to publish the statements and all the information on them on the Internet.

Ameriquest Mortgage. Sometimes this company fails to post the payments of the customers on time and then they state that he or she is behind the payment. Ameriquest Mortgage can make a lot of fuss about the problem and just mix up everything: one person has no authority, other does not know what and how to do and so on. Besides, Ameriquest Mortgage can raise your interest rate without making you aware of the fact. And lately they have introduced new clauses for early pay off that were never discussed before.

Money Tree. They have these pushy agents that call home numbers and tell stories about perfect loans. But it is really too good to be true that a person can pay just three hundred dollars and achieve a full amount loan. Usually Money Tree Mortgage representatives seek for customers with poor credit record or for those in financial difficulties because they can be easily cheated. And if some unlucky guy believes those scammers, he loses his three hundred dollars. And it s absolutely hopeless to call Money Tree Mortgage Mortgage 800-numbers to settle down the problem because nobody would get back or even if they would answer, they would not be able to help.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Scams and Cons

Information is of great value in our days. With the help of necessary information you may move mountains and protect yourself from troubles, such as different kinds of scam, con and fraud. The songs are made about the consumer rights and their protection, but still people are suffering from fraud and the law cannot do anything, at least punish those scammers. That is why the best weapon we can fight the swindlers with is the information about them. We have to stick together and spread a word about each and every scam. And can be a place to post everything concerning this acute problem.

To stave off the problem. We should use any information about some scam as a scam alert. This can be some kind of warning system. First of all, you have to know that there is such a useful site as that can help you in advance. You go there and read the articles. They are very exciting thing to read, because there people’s real life experience is described and the ways people tried to straggle against this dishonesty. Secondly, you may find there a lot of ways out of one and the same problem that can be of great help. And this scam alert really works, because people post their reviews and thank for the information, because cons and scams can really demolish your life.

To solve the problem. still will be useful for somebody who has already been trolled. If you are in the same boat as many other people, you may file a class action suit together. There is much more attention paid when the thing is getting large scale. Besides, you may find the problem solving out of the experience of other people that they have described in the articles on All the scammers have to pay for all the damage they have done and we can force them to do it only uniting our forces and possibilities.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Product and Service Reviews from

Sometimes you need some objective assistance to make your shopping decision, but you do not know where to go. Who can give you the best recommendations? Where can you find some advice to avoid trouble? In such a situation you can trust people posting their pleased and pissed product reviews on There are many complaints and praises out of which you will be able to gain certain experience that will help you in a variety of shopping spheres. Reading these consumer product reviews, you will find out a lot of useful things.

Lower cost is not always good. Sometimes your attention is attracted by some blazing advertisement, screaming that here you can find the lowest cost. Saving money is always a good thing but you would better check the company on AnotherReview. A lot of consumer reviews there will help you to understand that cheap manufacturing does not satisfy best design and quality requirements. There are close links between manufacturing and innovation and if too much focus is put on low-cost assembly operations, innovation of the product and product itself tends to suffer. Besides, the company may hire low-skilled staff to make the price lower. That is why the availability of suitable and apt employees also needs to be examined when it comes to the very low costs.

The easiest way may turn out to be the most complicated one.
The same thing is with the purchases or operations that seem to be too simple and lucrative. Product reviews on will reveal the real situation with the companies that provide such services and goods. Lower tariffs and simpler procedures have eased the consumers’ decision making. And at the same time it has complicated the notion how the company should be run. What underlies this seeming simplicity is in the most cases scam and fraud. These swindlers adjust swiftly to the changing consumer needs and considerations and speculate on this. But the sufficiency of inventiveness, it seems, does not bring freedom from responsibility. Though, you have to be very careful and research. And AnotherReview will serve you good in such a situation.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


We as customers have finally to become very offended by this horrible and unfair business practices some stores provide. They just do not care about the people, their one and only aim is to sell, sell, sell. Yes, this is understandable and right from various marketing points of view, but cannot they just be polite and supportive? Cannot they sell worthy appliances? All these questions come in mind when Menards is remembered with all its awful products and services.

Customer service. When you go shopping you hope at least that employees in the store would be helpful and glad to see you. But in real life in Menards that thing does not happen. The shop assistants are rude and pushy, they do not take into consideration what exactly you want to buy, they just try to sell the most expensive things. And if something goes wrong, or the appliances bought just do not work well, Menards and its employees would not give themselves the trouble to get the things right. And you can keep on calling their clients service numbers and trying to reach somebody able and having enough authority to help you. All you would get is run-arounds and complete rudeness.

Their products. As the practice and history of menards shows us, their products very often are of a poor quality. Sometimes they just sell some appliances that have already been in use and were returned as broken ones. Many items have manufacturing defects. And what is interesting that the price you pay is not the lowest one, and they are supposed to supply products of good quality and having long-term warranty. But that is not so and Menards surely should not be proud of it.

Delivery and installation. Do not you know that it is difficult to cooperate with people who do not speak your language? Everybody knows it but Menards. They send such techs and installers to your home that it appears to be quite impossible to explain something to them. And then some more problems appear. They install something wrong or not that good and you have to waste your precious time to call Menards over and over again to fix the things.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Best Western and Days Inn

When you are going on vacation, this is very understandable, that you plan everything. You start from choosing the dates, booking tickets and of course you book a hotel. But the choice of a hotel is actually a very important thing, because it can make or break your holidays. This could be a fantastic stay in a value for money hotel and it can bring a lot of pleasant impressions, sensations and thoughts to your memory. Or it could he a nightmare stay, spoiling all the days spent in it. So, we present you some complaints against Best Western and Days Inn, which may prevent you from having such an experience.

Best Western Inn.
The chain of these hotels is actually considered to be good enough. Every hotel is managed and run according to its own rules and is franchised. These hotels are even recommended by Amateur Athletic Association. And how could athletes stay there? If there are so many complaints against this hotel then it is probably something wrong about it. And it really is. Because the client service in Best Western is much to be desired. If there is some trouble with your room like horrible odor or filthy sheets, it is doubtful whether someone at the front desk would like to help you.

Days Inn.
This is also a national chain. And the prices in this hotel are relatively high, so theoretically, there should be no problems. And it was specified so in the advertisement. But there are some sufficient issues. For example, there is no high-speed internet at Days Inn and the number of TV channels is something like 10, though it was specified that there should a cable television. Besides, the client service and room service is dreadful, the employees are rude and inattentive.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Improvements at Target and

Innovations in the sphere of client service, is it always a good thing? When some new rules, regulations or directions are newly introduced in order to improve the system, do they always work right? The answer is no, as there is nothing in the world which does not change. And when this thing happens, we should raise our objections and make a protest. And if we stay passive, ignorant and inert then everything will be unchanged. Here are some examples set forth below.

New return policy in Target.
Target is a consumer store, and as in all consumer stores it happens there that customers are sometimes happy, sometimes angry. If the service and products are of a good satisfying quality then there are no complaints. If the employees are rude, annoying and unhelpful – everybody is unsatisfied and customers say that Target is the worst shop ever and they will never come there again. The situation is like everywhere else. But when the store introduces new rules for the customers who seem to be kind of unfair, that is the issue to dispute. The fact of the matter is that if the customer has lost the check but he wants or needs to return the bought item it is possible to do showing his/her driver’s license. But what if the person for some reason does not have the driver’s license? That is the thing the management of Target should consider.

New reviews policy at
When you see the book in the list of bestsellers, you are prompted to buy it. This is the matter of trust to Amazon, they are respectful and tried-and-true. Exploiting the convenience, availability and world-wide reach of the Internet many book sellers such as Amazon have already discovered how to use the Internet successfully. But what if it appears that they deceive their customers faking the reviews, being interested or paid to sell some books? This is the new policy of : deleting negative or positive reviews in order to sell a book or to make it fail correspondingly. Or maybe this company does care about the customers and everything has already been set right?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Insurance Companies

This is really a good opportunity to look through the site before signing some health program. A person can be so lucky to read all the complaints thereby gaining knowledge about the companies he/she has to keep away from. Because even in such sphere as health insurance where people have to be really mean and lowdown to make the elderly or ill persons suffer, there exist a number of companies which are engaged in fraud.

MWI Premier Health. The scam of this company is not that horrible. They can just get from somewhere your credit card number and take some money of your bank account. The unauthorized amount may vary from $20 to $150. Though when you call them and explain the situation they apologize and remove that charge from your credit, it brings some inconvenience and mess on it the account and, understandably, it gets out of balance.

Cigna Insurance. Sometimes this company can provide you some troubles, which are more serious than scam – they can influence your health. They are really dodgy and always try to find some way to avoid paying the coverage. They can say that such and such medical treatment is not necessary and deny your request, and when you start disputing they say there was no letter of denial and so on. Or in the insurance contract they mention only one dosage level of the prescripted drug and if you take the other they will not cover it. Or they can make a mistake in the spelling of you name, accidentally or intentionally, and then stall for time refusing you in coverage.

Healthcare Advantage. Their health plan is completely a scam: they assure you they cover 80% of the medical costs but when it comes to payment they wriggle out of an engagement. They even do not accept a money order – is not it strange? They also say that the price you would pay for the coverage depends on the location and offer some discounts, etc. but then they charge you full price.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Raymore And Flanigan vs Ashley Furniture

While choosing a furniture store to upgrade my apartment, I have decided to check the customer reviews on two companies I had previously selected: Ashley Furniture HomeStores and Raymore & Flanigan. Raymour and Flanigan is the actual name of the store. However, many people confuse Raymore vs Raymour.

Ashley Furniture and Raymour & Flanigan are promoted as an American top furniture companies which are customer-oriented full-service stores delivering the highest quality. And then I was extremely impressed by a huge number of negative reviews. Summarizing all the troubles, which have ever happened to the customers of Ashley Furniture and Raymore and Flanigan, I have pointed out the main ones.

Poor delivery service. According to the customers’ furious comments, in most cases the companies never deliver furniture items on time. It can be three or six day delay or some items of your furniture might never be delivered: there were some cases, when the pieces of furniture were missing and not replaced in a half a year term, after which, surely, nobody wanted them. But that is half the trouble. Furniture can be delivered damaged and unfixable, and the company would not like to work the things out. The verdict: loosely organized and operated delivery system.

No honor to the warranty. Sure, selling their furniture, they persuade you that if some trouble comes around they will be with you to break it down. But after this trouble arrives, they disregard those promises as hard as they can – never answer who is going to take care of you problem, whose attention will be brought to it and they just keep shuttling you from one manager to another. They are stalling for time while you are being stressed out over it. Some managers just promise you the refund or replacement to calm you down for a while and you can wait for ever. In the Ashley Furniture the salesperson can even ask you to sign the contract, which binds you to repay 30% restocking fee if the furniture is returned. The verdict: unfair business practice.

Unsatisfactory client service. In most cases, salespersons are rather pushy and attack you instantaneously you enter the store. The companies are known for ripping off their customers selling unremarkable furniture at rather high price. The way customers are treated is usually far from forthcoming, especially when you are calling to reach the person who would solve the problems with your furniture they have provided. Representatives of the companies say they are “franchised and have little control of what each store does”. Is that an answer of a company which does everything for the customer to be happy? The verdict: management is incompetent and inept.

Resuming all written above, I should better go to some other retailers. What about you?

Friday, July 6, 2007

If you are pissed, how to settle it your way?

Sometimes when you are dissatisfied with the services or products provided, you go directly to the manager or client service worker to solve your problem or at least to blow off some steam. You are angry and can be even harsh and aggressive that is why the main goal of the person talking to you is to calm you down and to soothe your anger. But do not forget that you came to request some justification, legal monetary compensation or settling the issue because nowadays these service centre workers have a lot of tricks how to handle an irritated customer.

Satisfying tricks. They can just acknowledge your problem. Acknowledge that they would be feeling the same too even if they clearly understand that this is a complete lie. Do not fall for this bait, even if the attitude is courteous and friendly – that is what they were taught to: to act naturally influencing on you psychologically. Then, continuing your friendly conversation they can ask politely what can they do for you to feel better and fix the situation which is also a very spread method to shift off the responsibility for solving of the problem and to find that very way out you suggested yourself. Sometimes they even tell the customer they are not the ones who have the answer and tell that they will find out how to solve the problem and get back to you, stalling for the time for you to relax and start to take it easy.

Concentration on the issue. Those are all pretty simple steps. All these tricks and techniques lead to the distraction of the main reason of all the fuss: of fixing your problem. They think it is enough for a customer to be heard and listened to. Or they recognize and acknowledge your upset emotional state and consider it the fixing. How often do you hear stores and those working in shops or service centres doing that? The main rule here is easy: do not lose your vigilance to be calmed down that much to agree to some loose solution.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hearing Aids Reviews

This is one of the comments left recently by our friends in my mail box.

Hi Guys,

As I was searching the web I found an interesting review site, that speaks about different types of
Hearing Aids
and their uses. People have written multiple articles with the reviews of

phonak audeo


amplifon hearing aid

and other
medical equipment reviews

Check it out.
Really informative site

Joanna Clark-Smith.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Top Searches at

Sleepys Reviews
Sleepy's The Mattress Professionals - If you can find the same mattress for less at any furniture, department store or telemarketer, they guarantee to beat the price or you get your purchase FREE.

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Allied Interstate
Collection Agency – Should we say More

Free Voyeur and Amateur submitted Photos

Tiran Zaken - The Zaken Corp. was established by President, Tiran Zaken back in 1994 as a finder and seller of closeout merchandise. Emphasizing sales and service.

Raymore and Flanigan
Raymour & Flanigan Furniture sells home furnishings online and has stores in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut and Massachusetts

Santarelli Construction
Santarelli Construction operates in New Jersey. Builds custom houses on owners land plots as well as his own. For more information visit:

Sandra Rochefort
Sandra Rochefort "one of the best visionaries of France" sends out her Astrology brochures and letters.

Sofa Express Complaints
Sofa Express - Internet and physical furniture stores. Offering Living Room, bedroom, dining and other furniture.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Milestones and Press Releases

This week is really exciting for all of us at We had reached next milestone on our Alexa ranking. This week we blew past 500K mark, and our goal is to cross 100K ranks at Alexa by the end of the summer. Currently, our Consumer Reviews Site experiences 100% growth rate in our traffic that signifies that this is a real possibility.

Submissions of the articles have grown. We had to expand the number of consumer reviews categories that we are offering.

In addition, to all exciting stuff that has occurred on our site, we are also offering new services to Pissed Consumers visiting our site. We are preparing next press release that will inform our consumers about new and exciting features of our submit interface.

Please make sure to read our Press Release on PrWeb in the next couple of days.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

New Interface to post Consumer Reviews

During last week we had released a new version of Consumer reviews submission interface. With this release we intend to simplify overall customer experience during review submission. Now visitor to our Consumer Reviews site can submit a review as 1-2-3.

  1. Type up your title and review

  2. Login or Register

  3. Have PDF copy generated of the review by submitting additional information

A couple more words about PDF letter generation. We offer consumers an option to generate PDF Copy of the letter that can easily be printed. This paper copy of the consumer review can easily be mailed to the company or the individual that Review discusses. We believe taht this option will enable users of our website to bring the case to the resolution much faster.

Consumer can use the following link to post complaints and reviews

Friday, April 27, 2007

Google values Consumer Reviews

Google has just update PR on our site - - Consumer Reviews. And we are happy to report that GOOGLE values the importance of our site and has applied PR 4 to a lot of pages of our site. We have received PR4 deep into the article level. Most Categories of the site have received Ratings of 3 or 4.

This is extremely important event for We are becoming an entity on the world wide web. Consumer reviews, complaints and reports are important sources of information in consumer's research for making purchase decissions.

In addition to running this blog I have also launched new blog
Company Reviews. Reviews by company blog is a compilation of consumer reviews, reports and complaints for company products and services.

In addition, you can also check out our new blog
Consumer Reviews

or you can check in a couple of month a new site:
Consumer Reviews

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Reviews By Company

Today we had opened up a new section of our site that allows consumer to look at the consumer reviews by Company name

You can find reviews by company here:
Consumer Reviews By company on

Consumer Reviews By Company Blog

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Our Banners

In order to spread the word about our site and make people aware of the wounderful resource we are giving away free banners....

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Friday, January 19, 2007

New Categories


We just have added new Categories to our site. Feel free to visit us and check them out
All Consumer and Product reviews

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Consumer Travel Reviews

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Sections that are worth visiting

We are building quite exciting domain out there,

Here are some categories of the site that it will be interesting for anyone to visit:
Consumer Jokes -
Government resources -
All Reviews -

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Migration to the new server

Yesterday we have started migrating our Server to the new platform. We are now will be utilizing Search Engine Optimized URLS. This should increase searchability of our site.

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