Sunday, August 31, 2008

One Call Communications

Communication is what we need as homo sapiens and what we lack so often. We have so many different gadgets and devices and still sometimes we cannot even have the possibility to talk to our friends. There is always not enough time, not enough money, or not enough something else. But sometimes everything we need to do is to give a call. And then we need services of different telecommunications companies. And these companies also offer different television services, and so much more. And we do not have to forget about the Internet they provide. This is the source of neverending news, data, and many other things we need to communicate. One Call Communications provides all these services.

One Call Communications services and products. One Call Communications is an American company. The company is headquartered in Wilson, North Carolina. One Call Communications provides a wide range of different telecommunication services such as wireless service and so much more; sells cell phones and related accessories. Besides, the company provides numerous calling plans for its customers with different bonuses and discounts. One Call Communications operates a GSM network in some US states and CDMA networks in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Recently, One Call Communications introduced its new Blackberry service and a number of other benefits. One Call Communications has a special program to control the quality of the customer service. The company provides local and long distance phone service. The company offers a number of different plans to its customers. The plans of One Call Communications include many various features: low international rates, unlimited calling to many countries worldwide such as China, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France and many others; voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, call blast, and so much more.

One Call Communications problems. Notwithstanding different benefits of One Call Communications services, many people complain about them. They state that the company sets unreasonable prices. Some of One Call Communications services are just good examples of ripping off. Besides, people often have problems with customer service. They state that you can call One Call Communications 800 numbers in vain and never get an answer. Or wait for quite a long time for some inexperienced customer service representative to tell you that this is your problem and you have to solve it by yourself. They can be rather rude and forget about your consumer rights.

Friday, August 22, 2008

As Seen On TV

Television has a long time ago become a global selling point. With the help of TV it is so easy to describe and draw attention to a product, service, or event in a public medium in order to promote sales or attendance. As Seen On TV is one of those companies, which business is founded on this type of marketing. They market their products with the help of different advertising spots shown on TV.

As Seen On TV is an American company that operates As Seen On TV is headquartered in Fairport, New York. The company operates the web site that offers As Seen On TV products. As Seen On TV provides more than a thousand of different products and specialty items for kitchen, different gifts, electronics, auto, fitness products, household appliances, personal, books, audio, video, and so much more. As Seen On TV offers shipping all over the United States and Canada. The web site of the company also offers a range of non-televised items. As Seen On TV web site is considered to be the largest retailer of As Seen On TV products in the whole world. At the preset time As Seen On TV web site offers more then a thousand and a half As Seen On TV items and other specialty products. The company claims that the web site offers the lowest prices in As Seen On TV products. The company provides the products directly from the manufacturer and avoids the middleman. Thus, they can set lower prices. Nowadays, the company is working on expanding the range of products they provide and are going to satisfy all the needs of the customers.

As Seen On TV complaints. Customer of As Seen On TV often complains about the lack of good and professional customer service. In their reviews they state that it is not enough to provide relatively good products at relatively low prices – it is important to provide good customer care. And As Seen On TV company somehow employs these unprofessional people who rarely know how to help customer if something went wrong and whom to call to help them. According to people, this is also lack of organization. Customer service representative do not know how to help and then they call managers who might know how to solve the problem but do not have enough power to do it. Finally, this is the customer, who suffers.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Do customers come to the company to get the same services and goods or they switch to another retailer? What makes the return? Are people tired of bad services and poor quality products? How to stop this?

Let us take a certain company as an example and investigate the matter. Zoovy, for instance.

Zoovy. Zoovy was established by Brian Horakh and David Steel in 1999. They aim was to help merchants create and maintain stores online, market their goods online and maintain safe checkout. At the present time, it is a leading online marketplace. Zoovy is a global network and it is expanding fast. The company offers its customers such services as customer relations tools, reporting, managing of cross selling features, inventory and the like. In 2004 Zoovy was granted the eBay Star Developer Award.

Loosing a client. As we already know, online shopping is becoming more and more common since it is rather convenient. But it is for those who do not like to shop or who would like to save from 1$ to 100$. However, these virtual companies also have drawbacks and that is why just as ordinary organizations they may loose customers. For example, a person has been a customer of Zoovy for quite a long time. He is completely satisfied with goods and services provided. But in some time the company makes a mistake and the delivery of the paid product, for example, fails and the purchase does not arrive. The customer is frustrated! Will he come back? Probably, he will. If the company reimburses the losses and the misunderstanding and presents a customer with a little gift as an apology, then it will not loose the client. This is called good customer service. But if the company will not pay attention to the disappointed consumer, then it is definitely about to loose him. Bad attitude of the employees, constant price rises – these are the things which are about to bring you down.
Customers say the same situation is with Zoovy. Their business did not grow with the services of this company. After they switched they prospered. They will never come back and will not advise Zoovy to the friends. The company will not be earning any profits and will go bankruptcy.
That is the way it goes.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Case Study: Kiyoseki Hair Styler

Nowadays it happens so often that we buy good of really poor quality. That is a problem and the matter is not money, but the quality of goods and attitude of the supplying and providing companies. It seems like they do not appreciate a customer as a human being otherwise they would work out some plan of covering moral damage, honoring the warranty and some profound check and maybe double check of the goods. Because it does spoil our life and our health while taking care of those faulty products and trying to get your money back and make the things right. This is like in this case with a purchase of Kiyoseki hair styler.

About Kiyoseki. Kiyoseki is a Japanese company. The company specializes in development, design and manufacturing of different hair styling appliances. The most popular Kiyoseki product is Kiyoseki ceramic styler pro. Kiyoseki hair styler ceramic is new and improved and it allows hair to preserve conditioning moisture and does not ruin hair structure. In addition, Kiyoseki products make use of atoms or molecules with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons. The company offers a wide range of hair styling products. Kiyoseki is considered to be one of the fastest growing and most popular companies in the industry.

How it happens. Usually you can buy a Kiyoseki at many places. You looking for that very model you need, researching what features other hair stylers have, listen to the importunate and persistent shop assistants. And finally and eventually you stop and decide to buy that very model you like. The employees in the store are pushing and describe you this model as one in the best condition, no tear and wear. And you buy it and an expensive warranty.

Why you were wrong. But to believe that something is too good to break is probably very mistakenly. Because anything can happen to your Kiyoseki hair styler, nothing is perfect. Something can break. And then you will have to make copies of the receipt, take some pictures of the hair styler and send them to the warranty company. And then the store where Kiyoseki product was bought would not give you the same model. Maybe they will suggest you to get your money back. Or you will be able to pick up some other hair styler instead of yours. But the question is: why do they charge for warranty then?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

VIP Travel

When people are going on vacation, they usually plan everything. They start from choosing the dates, booking tickets and of course you book a hotel. But the choice of a hotel is actually a very important thing, because it can make or break your holidays. This could be a fantastic stay in a value for money hotel and it can bring a lot of pleasant impressions, sensations and thoughts to your memory. Or it could he a nightmare stay, spoiling all the days spent in it. Recently there have been numerous fraud cases in the traveling industry. People work hard all year long to have several days of the vacation they are longing for and then some shady company appears to spoil the holidays. Beware: VIP Travel travel agency.

Customer service. VIP Travel is a travel agency. VIP Travel company has affiliates all over the United States. VIP Travel provides a huge selection of cruises, almost a hundred of popular destinations, hotel reservations and car rental service. Besides, the agency offers a number of vacation packages according to the kind of travel that interests the customer such as adventure, diving, golf, sailing, safari, hiking, honeymoon and so much more. VIP Travel was ranked as one of the fastest growing travel agencies in the country. And the accommodation that VIP Travel offers is actually considered to be good enough. Every hotel is managed and run according to its own rules and is franchised. However, if there are so many complaints against these hotels then it is probably something wrong about them. And it really is. Because the client service in many of hotels offers by VIP Travel is much to be desired. If there is some trouble with your room like horrible odor or filthy sheets, it is doubtful whether someone at the front desk would like to help you. And the prices in the resorts are relatively high, so there should be no problems. And it was specified so in the advertisement. But there are some sufficient issues. For example, there is no high-speed Internet at and the number of TV channels is something like 10, though it was specified that there should a cable television. Besides, the client service and room service is dreadful, the employees are rude and inattentive.

Other services. VIP Travel has these sneaky agents that clearly express that fact when they are begging you to join the company. Besides, they state that there could not be any increase in monthly payments. But when it happens and the credit card company stops transferring the payments, the customers find themselves in debts. The thing with v is that you have to be very careful while signing any contracts and keep away from entering into deceptive contracts. To avoid such a situation you should better research and find as much as possible information on the company you are going to travel with.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Every coin has two sides. This saying refers to every aspect of our lives. Taking into consideration the fact that at the present time people are extremely busy and have no time to spend even on meal during the day, we should consider the fast food restaurants issue.

McDonalds. McDonalds is the largest chain of fast food restaurants in the world that was founded by siblings the McDonald in 1940 in San Bernardino, California. Brothers McDonald introduced this "Speedee Service System" that is the basis of all fast food industry nowadays. McDonalds is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois. There are 31,000 locations inside the US and 20,000 more across the world. The slogan of McDonald's is: "I'm lovin' it". McDonald's specializes in selling different burgers, French fries, breakfast items, beverages, desserts. McDonald's signature is BigMac burger. There is a McDonalds restaurant in every developed country and it is a symbol of the expansion of the American culture all over the world.

Fast food industry. Today it is hard not to recognize the golden arches of McDonalds. McDonalds has restaurants everywhere, beside major roads and in almost every high street. Their commercials are on television at least once a day. They became popular within a couple of years. Teenagers especially like McDonalds because of the relaxed atmosphere, cheap prizes and the fact that all over the world you know what you are buying. In restaurants you may find that the waiter there looks at you and thinks that you are poor and might not be able to pay for the meal. With McDonalds every person is welcome to come in and eat, no matter what you look like or how much money you have. There is also not a certain dress code that you have to oblige to. Fast food is easy to eat food that requires no cutlery. This is probably the only advantage of this restaurant chain.
The food in McDonalds contains too much fat, sugar and preservatives. The other drawback is that fast food industry advertises with the target of children. With there freebies and bright adverts the get children to make their parents take them to McDonalds. They manipulate the easiest target. Children will moan and whine until they go to McDonalds.
Who decides what is popular or not? People are just like blind dummies that just follow the majority, being different is just not accepted by society. That is why they flow to the McDonald’s locations although they know it is not healthy.