Friday, August 15, 2008

Case Study: Kiyoseki Hair Styler

Nowadays it happens so often that we buy good of really poor quality. That is a problem and the matter is not money, but the quality of goods and attitude of the supplying and providing companies. It seems like they do not appreciate a customer as a human being otherwise they would work out some plan of covering moral damage, honoring the warranty and some profound check and maybe double check of the goods. Because it does spoil our life and our health while taking care of those faulty products and trying to get your money back and make the things right. This is like in this case with a purchase of Kiyoseki hair styler.

About Kiyoseki. Kiyoseki is a Japanese company. The company specializes in development, design and manufacturing of different hair styling appliances. The most popular Kiyoseki product is Kiyoseki ceramic styler pro. Kiyoseki hair styler ceramic is new and improved and it allows hair to preserve conditioning moisture and does not ruin hair structure. In addition, Kiyoseki products make use of atoms or molecules with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons. The company offers a wide range of hair styling products. Kiyoseki is considered to be one of the fastest growing and most popular companies in the industry.

How it happens. Usually you can buy a Kiyoseki at many places. You looking for that very model you need, researching what features other hair stylers have, listen to the importunate and persistent shop assistants. And finally and eventually you stop and decide to buy that very model you like. The employees in the store are pushing and describe you this model as one in the best condition, no tear and wear. And you buy it and an expensive warranty.

Why you were wrong. But to believe that something is too good to break is probably very mistakenly. Because anything can happen to your Kiyoseki hair styler, nothing is perfect. Something can break. And then you will have to make copies of the receipt, take some pictures of the hair styler and send them to the warranty company. And then the store where Kiyoseki product was bought would not give you the same model. Maybe they will suggest you to get your money back. Or you will be able to pick up some other hair styler instead of yours. But the question is: why do they charge for warranty then?

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