Wednesday, August 6, 2008

VIP Travel

When people are going on vacation, they usually plan everything. They start from choosing the dates, booking tickets and of course you book a hotel. But the choice of a hotel is actually a very important thing, because it can make or break your holidays. This could be a fantastic stay in a value for money hotel and it can bring a lot of pleasant impressions, sensations and thoughts to your memory. Or it could he a nightmare stay, spoiling all the days spent in it. Recently there have been numerous fraud cases in the traveling industry. People work hard all year long to have several days of the vacation they are longing for and then some shady company appears to spoil the holidays. Beware: VIP Travel travel agency.

Customer service. VIP Travel is a travel agency. VIP Travel company has affiliates all over the United States. VIP Travel provides a huge selection of cruises, almost a hundred of popular destinations, hotel reservations and car rental service. Besides, the agency offers a number of vacation packages according to the kind of travel that interests the customer such as adventure, diving, golf, sailing, safari, hiking, honeymoon and so much more. VIP Travel was ranked as one of the fastest growing travel agencies in the country. And the accommodation that VIP Travel offers is actually considered to be good enough. Every hotel is managed and run according to its own rules and is franchised. However, if there are so many complaints against these hotels then it is probably something wrong about them. And it really is. Because the client service in many of hotels offers by VIP Travel is much to be desired. If there is some trouble with your room like horrible odor or filthy sheets, it is doubtful whether someone at the front desk would like to help you. And the prices in the resorts are relatively high, so there should be no problems. And it was specified so in the advertisement. But there are some sufficient issues. For example, there is no high-speed Internet at and the number of TV channels is something like 10, though it was specified that there should a cable television. Besides, the client service and room service is dreadful, the employees are rude and inattentive.

Other services. VIP Travel has these sneaky agents that clearly express that fact when they are begging you to join the company. Besides, they state that there could not be any increase in monthly payments. But when it happens and the credit card company stops transferring the payments, the customers find themselves in debts. The thing with v is that you have to be very careful while signing any contracts and keep away from entering into deceptive contracts. To avoid such a situation you should better research and find as much as possible information on the company you are going to travel with.

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