Friday, August 22, 2008

As Seen On TV

Television has a long time ago become a global selling point. With the help of TV it is so easy to describe and draw attention to a product, service, or event in a public medium in order to promote sales or attendance. As Seen On TV is one of those companies, which business is founded on this type of marketing. They market their products with the help of different advertising spots shown on TV.

As Seen On TV is an American company that operates As Seen On TV is headquartered in Fairport, New York. The company operates the web site that offers As Seen On TV products. As Seen On TV provides more than a thousand of different products and specialty items for kitchen, different gifts, electronics, auto, fitness products, household appliances, personal, books, audio, video, and so much more. As Seen On TV offers shipping all over the United States and Canada. The web site of the company also offers a range of non-televised items. As Seen On TV web site is considered to be the largest retailer of As Seen On TV products in the whole world. At the preset time As Seen On TV web site offers more then a thousand and a half As Seen On TV items and other specialty products. The company claims that the web site offers the lowest prices in As Seen On TV products. The company provides the products directly from the manufacturer and avoids the middleman. Thus, they can set lower prices. Nowadays, the company is working on expanding the range of products they provide and are going to satisfy all the needs of the customers.

As Seen On TV complaints. Customer of As Seen On TV often complains about the lack of good and professional customer service. In their reviews they state that it is not enough to provide relatively good products at relatively low prices – it is important to provide good customer care. And As Seen On TV company somehow employs these unprofessional people who rarely know how to help customer if something went wrong and whom to call to help them. According to people, this is also lack of organization. Customer service representative do not know how to help and then they call managers who might know how to solve the problem but do not have enough power to do it. Finally, this is the customer, who suffers.

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