Sunday, September 14, 2008

Allied Tires

Companies and consumers are actually very closely connected. Much closer that the cleverest marketologists can think. They develop special marketing campaigns to have the products on the market. They consider all the factors and the consumers are a factor that is the main one. It means that consumers are like the engine of any business that involves some trade. And people who develop these marketing plans and everything are well aware of the fact. Customer awareness is the fuel to that engine, and this fact is also well known. That is why it is still remains a mystery how some companies can cheat their customers and still be in business? They provide bad goods and services and have to understand that the engine would break. But they do not realize that. Like Allied Tires.

About the company. Allied Tires is a tire provider. It is headquartered in Florida. The company provides the whole range of tires and tubes, tire cord, tire treads, auto and heavy truck tires, bicycle tires; and mixed rubber in slab or strip form. Allied Tires is one of the leading companies that specialize in tire marketing and distribution of replacement tires. Allied Tires is very popular with the customers and very often they prefer products and services of Allied Tires to any other ones. Allied Tires is one of the leading companies that specialize in tire marketing and distribution of replacement tires. Allied Tires has a staff of experts that specialize in automotive aftermarket. Besides, Allied Tires is very extensively and aggressively advertised on the television and on the Internet. And they scream and shout in those commercials that their tires are the best, the newest, the most reliable. But in fact…

Allied Tires complaints. The things that people state in their complaints are just horrible. They tell about tires they have problem with in two weeks after the installation. Many tires have defects and it is just impossible to use them. Some of Allied Tires products were installed not appropriately and that caused new troubles. And people keep on writing about the problems. Why does not the company take care of them? Allied Tires can solve these problems and keep the customers believing in it. Besides, they can improve the quality of their products due to those complaints. But some companies forget about the engine of their business and think about the money only. But they have to be careful, it is extremely dangerous.

Waffle House

Customer Service always comes first. This simple rule is not that hard to remember and follow. However, they manage to. And it is not only about stores or dealerships. In the first place, this concerns the places to eat out. Since in such places if the service is bad, then the food tasted worse.

In expensive restaurants, as a rule, the staff is trained to be polite, patient and professional. What about less fancy places like fast food restaurants? What does the term ‘service’ mean there?

Waffle House. Waffle House is a chain of fast food restaurants. Waffle House is a US based company which operates throughout the country. This name of the company has been chosen because it specializes in waffles. Besides different dishes including waffles, the menu of any Waffle House restaurant also includes some hot and cold coffee drinks and tea. All of the Waffle House shops are designed in such a way for the customer to feel like home and stay there for rather long time. But still some people complain that the customer service in these Waffle House shops is much to be desired.

Is this what they call ‘customer service’? The clients of the company complain about the poor service in general, and food service in particular. Can you imagine a lady mopping the floor and wearing no gloves making your salad by chopping the lettuce still without wearing gloves? She runs out of shredded cheese so she used sliced cheese instead on a Chicken Salad! People used to find ladybugs in their food. Sometimes waitresses are very sorry for such incidents, management however makes the astonished and frustrated clients pay for the bugs. The places are said to be teemed with flies and roaches. It is safe to say that hygiene is not an issue with the company.
The staff does not care about the clients. Waitresses as a rule are too busy talking on the cell phone and not waiting on their tables. If one of them is having a bad day – then it is a bad day for everyone. A waitress may be slamming dish racks and making loud noises with the dishes she is handling; making several loud comments as she works, this continues the entire time the clients are there and you leave half hungry half dead because of the awful headache.


What does it say about the company if in the search list in the Internet the other lines after the company’s address come the complaint links? What’s the company like if there is nothing in the Net concerning the company but its web site and the complaints?

Riddex. Riddex is an anti-pests product. The product is used to kill pests. However, it can also be dangerous for the pets. The product works without dangerous chemicals, may cause terrible fumes and odors, and it is potentially dangerous to children. Riddex can be applied to all kinds of pests. Riddex Plus uses patented Digital Pulse Technology, which is powered by a Free Scale Microprocessor, in order to create an irritating environment for pests inside walls, chasing them away from houses and preventing future pests from entering. It is necessary to plug in the Riddex Plus and it immediately starts operating. A single Riddex Plus unit covers an entire level of a typical home.

It is all about the complaints. There are two major problems with the company. The first problem with the company is that the products are said to bring no effect. People still have the problems with roaches, rodent, insect, ants, mice and other pests. They still have to use sprays and foggers to get rid of the nasty ‘room-mates’. They are not killed by the Riddex units, they are not afraid of them; they actually hide behind those units from the sprays and other poisoning methods. It seems that the government does not control the company and its products. The company keeps on advertising its goods on TV, claiming they are better than others. The pissed and frustrated customers can not get in touch with the company via the web site therefore they have to keep the products too long to return them.
Riddex keeps taking online orders and phone-in orders from TV Infomercials for something they never seem to have a supply of. They are taking in "rush priority" additional charges, in addition to their already expensive S&H fees, but can not seem to produce the product at the time they promise. And what is worse is that you will not even guess when you are going to receive your ‘purchase’.
There is nothing left to say but - beware of this type of business practice, if "business" is what you would call them.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Magic Jack

If you are looking for some cheap way to communicate with your friends and family, you should perform some kind of research to find out all the details and read all the testimonials and complaints about different companies. Besides, this information needs some proof. To find the truth, you need to look through the consumers' reviews and read what people say. It is a difficult choice and you should choose the company that tends to understand your point of view and your needs and wishes more that others. That company should understand, that their customers are very important and that they have to focus on quality of their products as well as on customer support. Like Magic Jack tries to do.

Company outline. Magic Jack is a company that became famous thanks to it special device called Magic Jack. The company has developed this device that helps its owner to make phone calls for free. This is like a new alternative to Internet communication. Magic Jack is actually is new possibility that can make our life better and can solve some problems. The company is comparatively new to the market, but they hope that very soon they will be the leaders and Magic Jack devices can substitute traditional phones and cell phones. Magic Jack devices have already become rather popular and people find new and new benefits of using Magic Jack. But there are already some problems.

Company complaints. However, some people complain about poor quality of services. When a person founds a company, that means that he or she is in charge of customer service. But since the founders of Magic Jack have an increase in income, it seems like they do not care about his customers any more. There have been many complaints posted about the poor quality of devices and services of Magic Jack. People have many problems with devices and cannot make the company that provided them fix the problems. The company really does not care about the customers anymore since they got their money. Besides, some customers say that the company does not honor the warranty. Many people write in their complaint how they tried in vain to get a refund for those poor quality devices provided by Magic Jack. But the company considers that the best way of communicating with the customers is not to honor warranty claims.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sky Box

You do not need to know that telecommunication is a transmission of signals over a distance to understand that the invention of cable TV and satellite made our lives so much better. Many years before, people could transmit these signals only with such things as semaphore, flags, or even drums. But nowadays, there are various transmitters that makes things so much easier and provide us with such happiness as TV shows, sports programs, music and movies, talking on the phone, and of course, the main thing: the Internet, this worldwide network, that allows us to communicate without limits and get an access to billions of gigabits of information with the help of such companies as Sky Box.

Company info. Sky Box is a British telecommunications company. The company offers to install Sky's standard digital receiver The Sky Box. With the help of this receiver, customers can enter the world of Sky TV, Free to Air and subscription and digital channels and interactive services. Sky Box also provides customers with an easy to use program guide. There are a lot of specific Sky Box features: timed reminders, on-screen television planner, parental control, email, games and shopping through Sky Active. The customers can subscribe to a wide range of news, entertainment, movie and sports packages. The company claims that The Sky Box is a cost effective choice. The company offers its customers to enter the world of television that traces its origins back to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Genesis of television.
The history of television started actually in 1825, when John Logie Baird made a demonstration of moving pictures. That happened at the department store Selfridges in London. His device became known as mechanical television and started a new era in telecommunications history. And then different scientists, one after one started to make different transmissions and finally Karl Braun invented the cathode ray tube that was the main part in the televisions of the twentieth century. This German physicist invented the coupled system of radio transmission and the Braun tube (forerunner of the cathode-ray tube), in which a beam of electrons could be deflected. He was rewarded with Nobel Prize for Physics in 1909. The very first demonstration of Karl Braun' s television took place in 1927. And how could he know that he played a role in such a play titled Telecommunications era and Humans.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

One Call Communications

Communication is what we need as homo sapiens and what we lack so often. We have so many different gadgets and devices and still sometimes we cannot even have the possibility to talk to our friends. There is always not enough time, not enough money, or not enough something else. But sometimes everything we need to do is to give a call. And then we need services of different telecommunications companies. And these companies also offer different television services, and so much more. And we do not have to forget about the Internet they provide. This is the source of neverending news, data, and many other things we need to communicate. One Call Communications provides all these services.

One Call Communications services and products. One Call Communications is an American company. The company is headquartered in Wilson, North Carolina. One Call Communications provides a wide range of different telecommunication services such as wireless service and so much more; sells cell phones and related accessories. Besides, the company provides numerous calling plans for its customers with different bonuses and discounts. One Call Communications operates a GSM network in some US states and CDMA networks in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Recently, One Call Communications introduced its new Blackberry service and a number of other benefits. One Call Communications has a special program to control the quality of the customer service. The company provides local and long distance phone service. The company offers a number of different plans to its customers. The plans of One Call Communications include many various features: low international rates, unlimited calling to many countries worldwide such as China, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France and many others; voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, call blast, and so much more.

One Call Communications problems. Notwithstanding different benefits of One Call Communications services, many people complain about them. They state that the company sets unreasonable prices. Some of One Call Communications services are just good examples of ripping off. Besides, people often have problems with customer service. They state that you can call One Call Communications 800 numbers in vain and never get an answer. Or wait for quite a long time for some inexperienced customer service representative to tell you that this is your problem and you have to solve it by yourself. They can be rather rude and forget about your consumer rights.

Friday, August 22, 2008

As Seen On TV

Television has a long time ago become a global selling point. With the help of TV it is so easy to describe and draw attention to a product, service, or event in a public medium in order to promote sales or attendance. As Seen On TV is one of those companies, which business is founded on this type of marketing. They market their products with the help of different advertising spots shown on TV.

As Seen On TV is an American company that operates As Seen On TV is headquartered in Fairport, New York. The company operates the web site that offers As Seen On TV products. As Seen On TV provides more than a thousand of different products and specialty items for kitchen, different gifts, electronics, auto, fitness products, household appliances, personal, books, audio, video, and so much more. As Seen On TV offers shipping all over the United States and Canada. The web site of the company also offers a range of non-televised items. As Seen On TV web site is considered to be the largest retailer of As Seen On TV products in the whole world. At the preset time As Seen On TV web site offers more then a thousand and a half As Seen On TV items and other specialty products. The company claims that the web site offers the lowest prices in As Seen On TV products. The company provides the products directly from the manufacturer and avoids the middleman. Thus, they can set lower prices. Nowadays, the company is working on expanding the range of products they provide and are going to satisfy all the needs of the customers.

As Seen On TV complaints. Customer of As Seen On TV often complains about the lack of good and professional customer service. In their reviews they state that it is not enough to provide relatively good products at relatively low prices – it is important to provide good customer care. And As Seen On TV company somehow employs these unprofessional people who rarely know how to help customer if something went wrong and whom to call to help them. According to people, this is also lack of organization. Customer service representative do not know how to help and then they call managers who might know how to solve the problem but do not have enough power to do it. Finally, this is the customer, who suffers.