Sunday, September 14, 2008

Waffle House

Customer Service always comes first. This simple rule is not that hard to remember and follow. However, they manage to. And it is not only about stores or dealerships. In the first place, this concerns the places to eat out. Since in such places if the service is bad, then the food tasted worse.

In expensive restaurants, as a rule, the staff is trained to be polite, patient and professional. What about less fancy places like fast food restaurants? What does the term ‘service’ mean there?

Waffle House. Waffle House is a chain of fast food restaurants. Waffle House is a US based company which operates throughout the country. This name of the company has been chosen because it specializes in waffles. Besides different dishes including waffles, the menu of any Waffle House restaurant also includes some hot and cold coffee drinks and tea. All of the Waffle House shops are designed in such a way for the customer to feel like home and stay there for rather long time. But still some people complain that the customer service in these Waffle House shops is much to be desired.

Is this what they call ‘customer service’? The clients of the company complain about the poor service in general, and food service in particular. Can you imagine a lady mopping the floor and wearing no gloves making your salad by chopping the lettuce still without wearing gloves? She runs out of shredded cheese so she used sliced cheese instead on a Chicken Salad! People used to find ladybugs in their food. Sometimes waitresses are very sorry for such incidents, management however makes the astonished and frustrated clients pay for the bugs. The places are said to be teemed with flies and roaches. It is safe to say that hygiene is not an issue with the company.
The staff does not care about the clients. Waitresses as a rule are too busy talking on the cell phone and not waiting on their tables. If one of them is having a bad day – then it is a bad day for everyone. A waitress may be slamming dish racks and making loud noises with the dishes she is handling; making several loud comments as she works, this continues the entire time the clients are there and you leave half hungry half dead because of the awful headache.

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