Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Magic Jack

If you are looking for some cheap way to communicate with your friends and family, you should perform some kind of research to find out all the details and read all the testimonials and complaints about different companies. Besides, this information needs some proof. To find the truth, you need to look through the consumers' reviews and read what people say. It is a difficult choice and you should choose the company that tends to understand your point of view and your needs and wishes more that others. That company should understand, that their customers are very important and that they have to focus on quality of their products as well as on customer support. Like Magic Jack tries to do.

Company outline. Magic Jack is a company that became famous thanks to it special device called Magic Jack. The company has developed this device that helps its owner to make phone calls for free. This is like a new alternative to Internet communication. Magic Jack is actually is new possibility that can make our life better and can solve some problems. The company is comparatively new to the market, but they hope that very soon they will be the leaders and Magic Jack devices can substitute traditional phones and cell phones. Magic Jack devices have already become rather popular and people find new and new benefits of using Magic Jack. But there are already some problems.

Company complaints. However, some people complain about poor quality of services. When a person founds a company, that means that he or she is in charge of customer service. But since the founders of Magic Jack have an increase in income, it seems like they do not care about his customers any more. There have been many complaints posted about the poor quality of devices and services of Magic Jack. People have many problems with devices and cannot make the company that provided them fix the problems. The company really does not care about the customers anymore since they got their money. Besides, some customers say that the company does not honor the warranty. Many people write in their complaint how they tried in vain to get a refund for those poor quality devices provided by Magic Jack. But the company considers that the best way of communicating with the customers is not to honor warranty claims.

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