Friday, September 5, 2008

Sky Box

You do not need to know that telecommunication is a transmission of signals over a distance to understand that the invention of cable TV and satellite made our lives so much better. Many years before, people could transmit these signals only with such things as semaphore, flags, or even drums. But nowadays, there are various transmitters that makes things so much easier and provide us with such happiness as TV shows, sports programs, music and movies, talking on the phone, and of course, the main thing: the Internet, this worldwide network, that allows us to communicate without limits and get an access to billions of gigabits of information with the help of such companies as Sky Box.

Company info. Sky Box is a British telecommunications company. The company offers to install Sky's standard digital receiver The Sky Box. With the help of this receiver, customers can enter the world of Sky TV, Free to Air and subscription and digital channels and interactive services. Sky Box also provides customers with an easy to use program guide. There are a lot of specific Sky Box features: timed reminders, on-screen television planner, parental control, email, games and shopping through Sky Active. The customers can subscribe to a wide range of news, entertainment, movie and sports packages. The company claims that The Sky Box is a cost effective choice. The company offers its customers to enter the world of television that traces its origins back to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Genesis of television.
The history of television started actually in 1825, when John Logie Baird made a demonstration of moving pictures. That happened at the department store Selfridges in London. His device became known as mechanical television and started a new era in telecommunications history. And then different scientists, one after one started to make different transmissions and finally Karl Braun invented the cathode ray tube that was the main part in the televisions of the twentieth century. This German physicist invented the coupled system of radio transmission and the Braun tube (forerunner of the cathode-ray tube), in which a beam of electrons could be deflected. He was rewarded with Nobel Prize for Physics in 1909. The very first demonstration of Karl Braun' s television took place in 1927. And how could he know that he played a role in such a play titled Telecommunications era and Humans.

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