Sunday, September 14, 2008


What does it say about the company if in the search list in the Internet the other lines after the company’s address come the complaint links? What’s the company like if there is nothing in the Net concerning the company but its web site and the complaints?

Riddex. Riddex is an anti-pests product. The product is used to kill pests. However, it can also be dangerous for the pets. The product works without dangerous chemicals, may cause terrible fumes and odors, and it is potentially dangerous to children. Riddex can be applied to all kinds of pests. Riddex Plus uses patented Digital Pulse Technology, which is powered by a Free Scale Microprocessor, in order to create an irritating environment for pests inside walls, chasing them away from houses and preventing future pests from entering. It is necessary to plug in the Riddex Plus and it immediately starts operating. A single Riddex Plus unit covers an entire level of a typical home.

It is all about the complaints. There are two major problems with the company. The first problem with the company is that the products are said to bring no effect. People still have the problems with roaches, rodent, insect, ants, mice and other pests. They still have to use sprays and foggers to get rid of the nasty ‘room-mates’. They are not killed by the Riddex units, they are not afraid of them; they actually hide behind those units from the sprays and other poisoning methods. It seems that the government does not control the company and its products. The company keeps on advertising its goods on TV, claiming they are better than others. The pissed and frustrated customers can not get in touch with the company via the web site therefore they have to keep the products too long to return them.
Riddex keeps taking online orders and phone-in orders from TV Infomercials for something they never seem to have a supply of. They are taking in "rush priority" additional charges, in addition to their already expensive S&H fees, but can not seem to produce the product at the time they promise. And what is worse is that you will not even guess when you are going to receive your ‘purchase’.
There is nothing left to say but - beware of this type of business practice, if "business" is what you would call them.

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