Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ethan Allen

It is very important where you live. What is meant by this phrase is not the location or the house itself, but the atmosphere and the surrounding. Many psychological surveys have proved how much the home atmosphere influences the person working abilities, mood and even health, especially mental health. We have to care about our places, we have to put a part of our souls in it, they say. That is why next time you are going to the furniture store, keep these things in mind. You do not have to be crazy about it, to read all the books about design and everything. You should pay some more attention to the details not to have the unpleasant results. That is why the choice of the furniture tore is very important. You should better research about different home improvement stores. One of them can be Ethan Allen.

The store. Ethan Allen provides a very great option of various upholstered and wooden furniture, dining room, living room and bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture, and many more. You can say a lot judging the tag line of the company, which is "Classic design. Modern Perspective". This furniture store produces many classic things that would look great together some hi-tech items, adding the personal touch and style. You can take an Ethan Allen catalog home and think over the future design and choose the things you like most.

The complaints. Regardless of all the advertising, Ethan Allen furniture store sometimes provide items that are so poorly built that they just feel apart like a cake. And it is very difficult to get a refund or to exchange the item because Ethan Allen furniture stores not always honor the warranty. The managers will be able to find any lame excuse not to provide you a new item or at least the money. But when they sell you the item, they swear that it is the best out of the best, just like most scammers do.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Complaint writing

Some companies constantly review their business in order to provide customers with excellent service at competitive prices. And these companies care a lot about the customer service. But others just do not pay that much attention to it. And as a result, you get some products that are faulty or broken and services that are unprofessional and unacceptable. But you do not have to tolerate such insolence, being charged for something absolutely not cost-effective. Thus, you have to write a complaint.

Why a written one? You may wonder, why you should better write a complaint , not to settle the problem by phone or to come in person if it is possible. The thing is that a written document is always better. If the offender receives a document, he should surely react somehow. If he would not, in the end when the thing would possibly go too far, you would have more facts on your side. That is why writing a complaint and sending it via mail, e-mail or fax, you get more chances to have your trouble fixed up.

What you should write. First of all, you have to understand clearly, what kind of thing is a customer’s written complaint. Everyone should deal very carefully with complaint writing. This is not trivia; you have to be very careful with your language and diplomatic in your attitude. You should better ask the company to suggest some solutions and you should suggest them yourself, because this is actually became your common problem as soon as you decided to shop or work with them. Secondly, you should provide the all the facts concerning the problem and be very precise. Do not use any direct threats, because an aggressive way of communication would never do you good. You should prove that is their fault and be smart and insisting. The complaint should be written in such a way, they would not be able just to deny the responsibility.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


People usually plan their vacation in advance. Some people even have such a hobby: to plan every little detail, to check various Internet sites and to choose the destination, the hotel, the airline. And it takes a lot of time to plan everything perfectly and to be sure that on those days you will really have the greatest time of the year. Vacation is like investment in your future and the rules are the same: the more you invest – the more you get in the end. Memories would warm the heart and impressions would bring the tired mind back to life. That is why a vacation must be perfectly planned and then performed. That is why we tell you here about Iberostar.

Iberostar and Apple vacations. Before we will tell you about Iberostar hotels, you should be aware that Apple vacations traveling agency advertises Iberostar with the utmost of its power. In such a way even those who have never any problem with this agency and its traveling packages, would be caught in this trap. But some Iberostar resorts are very nice places to visit and there are no similar problems with the described below.

Iberostar resorts. The level of the service in some hotels is really much to be desired. The customer service is very poor. If you need something and even come up to the front desk to ask, there could be very little politeness in the answer of the employees. Some people even got in Iberostar when the staff was on strike. Besides, the restaurants in some of the Iberostar hotels are just horrible. The food can be tasteless and the option of the dishes very small. Besides, the service can be very slow. Maybe there is a lack of customer service because of poor management. All the amenities in the hotel are nice, but the service can spoil all the impression.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ameriquest Mortgage and Money Tree Mortgage

Usually companies are forced to take action when they some really big threat to the reputation. That is why your complaints and class action suits are so important. Complaints ensure that the problem can be solved and companies such as Ameriquest Mortgage and Money Tree would have to make their business more honest. They have to make their payments public for everybody to see that they are not cheated, to fight this instability and fraud. It would be great if they could take some steps to increase the transparency of their work, like to publish the statements and all the information on them on the Internet.

Ameriquest Mortgage. Sometimes this company fails to post the payments of the customers on time and then they state that he or she is behind the payment. Ameriquest Mortgage can make a lot of fuss about the problem and just mix up everything: one person has no authority, other does not know what and how to do and so on. Besides, Ameriquest Mortgage can raise your interest rate without making you aware of the fact. And lately they have introduced new clauses for early pay off that were never discussed before.

Money Tree. They have these pushy agents that call home numbers and tell stories about perfect loans. But it is really too good to be true that a person can pay just three hundred dollars and achieve a full amount loan. Usually Money Tree Mortgage representatives seek for customers with poor credit record or for those in financial difficulties because they can be easily cheated. And if some unlucky guy believes those scammers, he loses his three hundred dollars. And it s absolutely hopeless to call Money Tree Mortgage Mortgage 800-numbers to settle down the problem because nobody would get back or even if they would answer, they would not be able to help.