Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ameriquest Mortgage and Money Tree Mortgage

Usually companies are forced to take action when they some really big threat to the reputation. That is why your complaints and class action suits are so important. Complaints ensure that the problem can be solved and companies such as Ameriquest Mortgage and Money Tree would have to make their business more honest. They have to make their payments public for everybody to see that they are not cheated, to fight this instability and fraud. It would be great if they could take some steps to increase the transparency of their work, like to publish the statements and all the information on them on the Internet.

Ameriquest Mortgage. Sometimes this company fails to post the payments of the customers on time and then they state that he or she is behind the payment. Ameriquest Mortgage can make a lot of fuss about the problem and just mix up everything: one person has no authority, other does not know what and how to do and so on. Besides, Ameriquest Mortgage can raise your interest rate without making you aware of the fact. And lately they have introduced new clauses for early pay off that were never discussed before.

Money Tree. They have these pushy agents that call home numbers and tell stories about perfect loans. But it is really too good to be true that a person can pay just three hundred dollars and achieve a full amount loan. Usually Money Tree Mortgage representatives seek for customers with poor credit record or for those in financial difficulties because they can be easily cheated. And if some unlucky guy believes those scammers, he loses his three hundred dollars. And it s absolutely hopeless to call Money Tree Mortgage Mortgage 800-numbers to settle down the problem because nobody would get back or even if they would answer, they would not be able to help.

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