Saturday, October 27, 2007


We as customers have finally to become very offended by this horrible and unfair business practices some stores provide. They just do not care about the people, their one and only aim is to sell, sell, sell. Yes, this is understandable and right from various marketing points of view, but cannot they just be polite and supportive? Cannot they sell worthy appliances? All these questions come in mind when Menards is remembered with all its awful products and services.

Customer service. When you go shopping you hope at least that employees in the store would be helpful and glad to see you. But in real life in Menards that thing does not happen. The shop assistants are rude and pushy, they do not take into consideration what exactly you want to buy, they just try to sell the most expensive things. And if something goes wrong, or the appliances bought just do not work well, Menards and its employees would not give themselves the trouble to get the things right. And you can keep on calling their clients service numbers and trying to reach somebody able and having enough authority to help you. All you would get is run-arounds and complete rudeness.

Their products. As the practice and history of menards shows us, their products very often are of a poor quality. Sometimes they just sell some appliances that have already been in use and were returned as broken ones. Many items have manufacturing defects. And what is interesting that the price you pay is not the lowest one, and they are supposed to supply products of good quality and having long-term warranty. But that is not so and Menards surely should not be proud of it.

Delivery and installation. Do not you know that it is difficult to cooperate with people who do not speak your language? Everybody knows it but Menards. They send such techs and installers to your home that it appears to be quite impossible to explain something to them. And then some more problems appear. They install something wrong or not that good and you have to waste your precious time to call Menards over and over again to fix the things.