Sunday, August 17, 2008


Do customers come to the company to get the same services and goods or they switch to another retailer? What makes the return? Are people tired of bad services and poor quality products? How to stop this?

Let us take a certain company as an example and investigate the matter. Zoovy, for instance.

Zoovy. Zoovy was established by Brian Horakh and David Steel in 1999. They aim was to help merchants create and maintain stores online, market their goods online and maintain safe checkout. At the present time, it is a leading online marketplace. Zoovy is a global network and it is expanding fast. The company offers its customers such services as customer relations tools, reporting, managing of cross selling features, inventory and the like. In 2004 Zoovy was granted the eBay Star Developer Award.

Loosing a client. As we already know, online shopping is becoming more and more common since it is rather convenient. But it is for those who do not like to shop or who would like to save from 1$ to 100$. However, these virtual companies also have drawbacks and that is why just as ordinary organizations they may loose customers. For example, a person has been a customer of Zoovy for quite a long time. He is completely satisfied with goods and services provided. But in some time the company makes a mistake and the delivery of the paid product, for example, fails and the purchase does not arrive. The customer is frustrated! Will he come back? Probably, he will. If the company reimburses the losses and the misunderstanding and presents a customer with a little gift as an apology, then it will not loose the client. This is called good customer service. But if the company will not pay attention to the disappointed consumer, then it is definitely about to loose him. Bad attitude of the employees, constant price rises – these are the things which are about to bring you down.
Customers say the same situation is with Zoovy. Their business did not grow with the services of this company. After they switched they prospered. They will never come back and will not advise Zoovy to the friends. The company will not be earning any profits and will go bankruptcy.
That is the way it goes.

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