Friday, July 27, 2007

Insurance Companies

This is really a good opportunity to look through the site before signing some health program. A person can be so lucky to read all the complaints thereby gaining knowledge about the companies he/she has to keep away from. Because even in such sphere as health insurance where people have to be really mean and lowdown to make the elderly or ill persons suffer, there exist a number of companies which are engaged in fraud.

MWI Premier Health. The scam of this company is not that horrible. They can just get from somewhere your credit card number and take some money of your bank account. The unauthorized amount may vary from $20 to $150. Though when you call them and explain the situation they apologize and remove that charge from your credit, it brings some inconvenience and mess on it the account and, understandably, it gets out of balance.

Cigna Insurance. Sometimes this company can provide you some troubles, which are more serious than scam – they can influence your health. They are really dodgy and always try to find some way to avoid paying the coverage. They can say that such and such medical treatment is not necessary and deny your request, and when you start disputing they say there was no letter of denial and so on. Or in the insurance contract they mention only one dosage level of the prescripted drug and if you take the other they will not cover it. Or they can make a mistake in the spelling of you name, accidentally or intentionally, and then stall for time refusing you in coverage.

Healthcare Advantage. Their health plan is completely a scam: they assure you they cover 80% of the medical costs but when it comes to payment they wriggle out of an engagement. They even do not accept a money order – is not it strange? They also say that the price you would pay for the coverage depends on the location and offer some discounts, etc. but then they charge you full price.

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