Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Improvements at Target and

Innovations in the sphere of client service, is it always a good thing? When some new rules, regulations or directions are newly introduced in order to improve the system, do they always work right? The answer is no, as there is nothing in the world which does not change. And when this thing happens, we should raise our objections and make a protest. And if we stay passive, ignorant and inert then everything will be unchanged. Here are some examples set forth below.

New return policy in Target.
Target is a consumer store, and as in all consumer stores it happens there that customers are sometimes happy, sometimes angry. If the service and products are of a good satisfying quality then there are no complaints. If the employees are rude, annoying and unhelpful – everybody is unsatisfied and customers say that Target is the worst shop ever and they will never come there again. The situation is like everywhere else. But when the store introduces new rules for the customers who seem to be kind of unfair, that is the issue to dispute. The fact of the matter is that if the customer has lost the check but he wants or needs to return the bought item it is possible to do showing his/her driver’s license. But what if the person for some reason does not have the driver’s license? That is the thing the management of Target should consider.

New reviews policy at
When you see the book in the list of bestsellers, you are prompted to buy it. This is the matter of trust to Amazon, they are respectful and tried-and-true. Exploiting the convenience, availability and world-wide reach of the Internet many book sellers such as Amazon have already discovered how to use the Internet successfully. But what if it appears that they deceive their customers faking the reviews, being interested or paid to sell some books? This is the new policy of : deleting negative or positive reviews in order to sell a book or to make it fail correspondingly. Or maybe this company does care about the customers and everything has already been set right?

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