Friday, July 6, 2007

If you are pissed, how to settle it your way?

Sometimes when you are dissatisfied with the services or products provided, you go directly to the manager or client service worker to solve your problem or at least to blow off some steam. You are angry and can be even harsh and aggressive that is why the main goal of the person talking to you is to calm you down and to soothe your anger. But do not forget that you came to request some justification, legal monetary compensation or settling the issue because nowadays these service centre workers have a lot of tricks how to handle an irritated customer.

Satisfying tricks. They can just acknowledge your problem. Acknowledge that they would be feeling the same too even if they clearly understand that this is a complete lie. Do not fall for this bait, even if the attitude is courteous and friendly – that is what they were taught to: to act naturally influencing on you psychologically. Then, continuing your friendly conversation they can ask politely what can they do for you to feel better and fix the situation which is also a very spread method to shift off the responsibility for solving of the problem and to find that very way out you suggested yourself. Sometimes they even tell the customer they are not the ones who have the answer and tell that they will find out how to solve the problem and get back to you, stalling for the time for you to relax and start to take it easy.

Concentration on the issue. Those are all pretty simple steps. All these tricks and techniques lead to the distraction of the main reason of all the fuss: of fixing your problem. They think it is enough for a customer to be heard and listened to. Or they recognize and acknowledge your upset emotional state and consider it the fixing. How often do you hear stores and those working in shops or service centres doing that? The main rule here is easy: do not lose your vigilance to be calmed down that much to agree to some loose solution.

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