Friday, July 18, 2008


Some companies constantly review their business in order to provide customers with excellent service at competitive prices. And these companies care a lot about the customer service. But others just do not pay that much attention to it. And as a result, you get some products that are faulty or broken and services that are unprofessional and unacceptable. But you do not have to tolerate such insolence, being charged for something absolutely not cost-effective. Thus, you have to write a complaint. And if you are going to write a complaint against Buslink, then you might find a lot of complaints just like yours. This company is getting more and more notorious. And if you are going to file a complaint against Buslink, it is much better to do this in written form.

Why a written one? You may wonder, why you should better write a complaint against such company as Buslink, not to settle the problem by phone or to come in person if it is possible. The thing is that a written document is always better. If Buslink receives a document, the company should surely react somehow. If they would not, in the end when the thing would possibly go too far, you would have more facts on your side. That is why writing a complaint and sending it via mail, e-mail or fax, you get more chances to have your trouble fixed up. And then Buslink surely has to react and do something to settle the matter and solve the problem.

What you should write. First of all, you have to understand clearly, what kind of thing is a customer’s written complaint. Everyone should deal very carefully with complaint writing. This is not trivia; you have to be very careful with your language and diplomatic in your attitude. You should better ask Buslink to suggest some solutions and you should suggest them yourself, because this is actually became your common problem as soon as you decided to shop or work with them. Secondly, you should provide the all the facts concerning the problem and be very precise. Do not use any direct threats, because an aggressive way of communication would never do you good. You should prove that is their fault and be smart and insisting. The complaint should be written in such a way, they would not be able just to deny the responsibility.

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