Friday, July 25, 2008

Royal Caribbean

Many people consider that vacation is the most wonderful time of the year, no matter what season it is. We work, wait and save money to finally get that rest that we deserve. And there are thousands of different ways of spending those precious two weeks. And surely, that depends on each person individually, on his or her attitude to life and spare time and on the financial situation. But still, the ways we use to book tickets and reserve hotel rooms are pretty much the same. And Royal Caribbean is a well-known company in the traveling industry. But is this company famous or notorious? Huge amount of complaints prove the later. Here we enlist some problems you have to be aware of while using the services of Royal Caribbean.

Information about the company. Royal Caribbean International is a cruise line. The company is well known for a number of different amenities like specialty restaurants, surfing simulators, rock-climbing walls, and ice-skating rinks on their cruise ships. Royal Caribbean International offers more than hundred and seventy destinations all over the world. The company also offers such services as shore and land excursions, glacier trekking, cave tubing, biking, and so much more. The company also has a special Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor quest loyalty program. Royal Caribbean International has a fleet of the most modern and innovative ships in the world.

Royal Caribbean problems. The problem number one is poor customer service. This word combination is probably used in all complaints. The thing is that there are many Royal Caribbean customer service centers but there are not so many good customer service representatives. When some problem appears, and they appear quite often when a person uses Royal Caribbean, then it turns out to be almost impossible talk to some representative. The customers can spend hours on hold, trying in vain to get somebody who can help them, but very often it never happens. And even if the customer finally broke through the busy lines, the customer service representative cannot help because he or she cannot solve the problem, or because it is just not important for him or her. And there were many cases when Royal Caribbean representatives were unbelievably rude with customers just because they had a bad day. Besides, the organization of crises can be poor. While having some of the Royal Caribbean cruises the customer should be ready that the hotel would not be like promised, there would not be certain amenities and so on. And then the customer tries to talk to some Expedia managers to have them solving the problem. But in many cases these managers are enable to help because they just do not have the powers to solve the issue. And there is nothing you can do on place with that fact.

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