Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Washington Tax Services

International businesses believe they are not fully prepared to handle a growing number of threats in an increasingly volatile global financial marketplace. Nowadays there have been a number of significant concerns expressed among experts concerning risks, including organised crime, internal fraud, and scam. Globalisation has also exacerbated many pre-existing, low-probability, high-impact risks, such as violations of the fair business practice regulations. And one of such financial institutions is Washington Tax Services, which arose a number of consumer complaints.

Services provided. Washington Tax Services is an American company. The comapny specializes in providing of different financial services, such as personal assistance, business consulting services, tax preparation, and so muc more. Washington Tax Services is one of the leading tax preparation companies in the area. The company deals with tax refunds for customers and provides fast IRS tax help. Washington Tax Services provides a variety of financial products, among them refund anticipation loan, accelerated check refund, assisted direct deposit, Washington Tax Services cash card and many other services focused to solve IRS or State tax issues. Washington Tax Services’s main activities are to offer different services of financial nature to its consumers and businesses, such as: mortgage lending, consumer lending, credit card services, investment services and retail banking. Washington Tax Services operates a number of financial service offices. The company focuses on lending facilities and tax operations. Washington Tax Services claims to have very good customer service and a number of call centers across the US. Besides, they call themselves an understanding mortgage servicing company giving loans to questionable people with poor credit record. They say that the company was created to help people with financial difficulties.

Washington Tax Services complaints. Most complaints against Washington Tax Services contain some violation of laws. It is really interesting how such company is still in business. It seems like Washington Tax Services just cannot post the loan payments of its customers on time. They delay these payments or even miss them. And then a customer receives a letter stating that he is behind the payment and he already charged late fees. Maybe, Washington Tax Services main profit is the collection of late fees. And if only the customer tries to fix the things and get it right, they report to the credit card agency and just ruin your credit record. This is a trivia story about a credit and a life destroyed by Washington Tax Services.

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