Sunday, April 20, 2008


Consumer law is a very developed and frequently used law. If you listened to all the complaints, you could think that the unhappiest people on the planet are the consumers. And that everybody tries to cheat them, hurt them, took their money and disappear. But this is not a hyperbola. This is a real state of things. That is why some websites appear, which are like this one. And the consumers nationwide unite and try to fight the fraudulent companies themselves, without the help of government that could allow such businesses to prosper. And these businesses are numerous. One of them is Amazon.

Amazon. Nowadays there is even a special term to describe such companies as Amazon. They are called e-commerce companies and this word includes everything: on-line trade, presentation of different kinds of merchandise and other buyer-seller relations. Amazon is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The company was one of the pioneers that started to sell things over the Internet. The website was launched in 1995 as a small Internet bookstore. Gradually,Amazon started to sell video cassettes, DVDs, music disks, computer software, and video games. These days the website sell almost everything ranging from toys to garage tools. There are separate Amazon websites in such countries as Germany, Japan, China and some others. The company has a business model that was numerous times criticized but made the company profit. Company's rival is Tiger Direct, which also sell different things, inexpensive computers and so much more. In addition to its e-commerce, the company operates several retail stores. In recent years, Tiger Direct was named as one of the top fifty best online retailers. There is a rating of the company on and this rating is almost the highest possible. Thus, these both websites are the most popular and most visited sites on the Internet.

Amazon complaints. People write complaints against the company very often. And most of them are concerning poor customer service. Amazon customer service employees are very often being rude and enable to help the customer. The other reason of the complaints is bad delivery service. Some customers of Amazon claim that they have been waiting for their order for several weeks. And it was impossible to get the delivery at the time that was mentioned. One more reason is poor quality of goods. On the pages of the site everything look so wonderful, just perfect and the price is very tempting. And people order the item to make them happier. But what they saw on the pictures is not what they get in reality. And then there come problems with refund, exchange and so on.


Anonymous said...

I do find your blog very useful and informative. Actually, I do believe that the customers are the best source of information concerning the companies and goods. If the company has more positive than negative reports then it is worth something. Consumer Complaints are very numerous at the present time. At the following web site you may find the complaints on different companies. Positive reports are rather rare. The site will help you to find out about the drawbacks and disadvantages of this or that company.

Lana said...

I hate amazon. stay away from them. i got double charged on the advice of one of their reps. and when i called back to correct the problem no one would help me. they are awful. all they care about is money. go to another site. try if you want more details just respond and i will give them to you. STAY AWAY FROM AMAZON. ITS ONLY TROUBLE. HORRIBLE GREEDY COMPANY. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.