Friday, February 15, 2008

Schumacher Homes

When you are looking for a home builder, you have to make some kind of research to choose the right one. All the home building companies claim in their commercials that they provide the best homes ever and that they really care about their customers and community. But this information needs some proof. To find the truth, you need to look through the consumers' review and read what people say. To help you cope with this, we have read some reviews about Schumacher Homes and defined the main problems.

Poor quality of services. When a person founds a company, that means that he or she is in charge of customer service. But since Bill Schumacher has an increase in income, it seems like he does not care about his customers any more. There have been many complaints posted about the poor quality of products and services of Schumacher Homes. People have many problems with homes and cannot make the company that provided so horrible homes fix the problems. The company really does not care about the customers anymore since they got their money. And the other problem is that Schumacher treats the contractors just as bad as the customers.

No honor to warranty. Many people write in their complaint how they tried in vain to get a refund for those poor quality services provided by Schumacher Homes. But the company considers that the best way of communicating with the customers is not to honor warranty claims. People experience many troubles because of the poor organization of Schumacher Homes. The company does not pay their installers and people cannot get Schumacher Homes products properly installed. The contractors just do not come. And it is clear because no one would like to work for free. But these problems should not interfere in the lives of unaware customers. When something goes wrong with homes made by Schumacher, the installers refuse to come and service the warranty claims. Thus, the customers get the usual runaround.

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darrel341 said...

Not good...To be honest Id not use them again. We have had many problems. I will be glad to open my home for anyone to see these bad mistakes. r send anyone that asks I will email pics..... We have been in for 7 months now. Some things they have fixed. But others they tried to fix and is not right. Some other things they have stated they will not fix.
...There are some minor things that I do understand happen. But major things should not.
Im listing the major things, they stated they will not fix..
1. The kitchen is off size by about 2 inches.. That dont seems like much but...The lower cabinet with the granite top sticks out past the wall.. The cabinet is sticking out about 1/2 inch wehn is should be like the others and inside of the wall corner by 1 inches. So that makes it off by 1 1/2inches.. The countertop on top of the cabinet is sticking out past the wall by 1 inch when it should be like the others and in board by 1 inch.
So now in the corner of the room when you look at the wall you see a cabinet and countertop when you should see none. With the wall in the wrong place it also does not allow for the fridge to set back in correctly and the fridge also sticks out about 2 inches into the kitchen further then it should. The fridge looks as if its setting out like a sore thumb.
..2..The celing cracked.. Thye entire ceiling...Every 4 feet. by 40 feet long. And it has approx 7 sections that was cracked. Or a crack at 4 ft then at 8 then 12, then 16, then 20, then 24, then 28 all 40 feet long.They tried to tell me it was normalI argued it was not.
The decided to sand down the cracks and restucco them. That was done but now we have waves in the ceiling. So when the lights shine across you can see shadows. I was told it was fixed and it was within their error limits... I say it needs completely redone.. But no it will not be...
..3...I had to come in and reinsulate the entire house even after paying for extra insulatation sealing...The company they used to insulate the home was in such a hurry they missed many places that I could actually see through the home to the outdoors. I spend 6 hours of my own time to do this. After I was told they had gone over it and it was coorectly done....
...4...They have fixed the pipes that froze in the upper bath because of poor insulation.
...5...They are supposed too replaster, repaint the large main wall of the home. It was redone once but is still very wavy from bowed 2x4s installed the drywall crew they used went over.
...The secuity system wires to my outback detached garage was cut in half and they did not repair. I had to replace myself.
...6..We had to have the flooring company they used come in 4 times now to fix the master bath tile, caulk. trim and still needs to be done again as the caulking they use keeps coming apart, even after we waited 48 hrs when we was told 24 hrs to use the shower. Now Im told it is a normal maintenance I will have to do.
...7..The painters is an absolute nightmare,... They got specks of paint on all the Cherry wood trim and wanted us to use blue painters tape to mark the specks so they can remove them.. To this day it is not corrected.
...8...The carpet in the living roomhas fuzzed up for 7 months now but we are told it is not defective..
...9..I have much more to tell. They are more minor things but when you spend this kind of money, it should not be this way.
...10... The TRIAD MORTGAGE Co. they used told us flat out lies. It my fault for not reading the details..They sold the loan to 53rd bank and they are almost as bad as Schumacher.. Do NOT ALLOW 53rd bank to take over you loan.... They appraised our home before the ground was broken. We spent another $200k of our cash on the lot for 600ft drive and 5k Garage and now 53rd will not reappraise and says the loan of 290k to the apprasial of 360K does not meet 80% down and we owe PMI.... I was told differently by TRIAD ...
..11...They are suppose to fix several other items..But it should be done right the first time...I await to see if the rest of the list gets done...
...10..I have lots more to tell......Im very disappointed, and suggest everyone, do not use SCHUMACHER...
I love our lot.. The house will get to done correctly even if I must do it myself.. Then it will be the home I can be very proud of.... If they happen to fix all these things, corrctly. I would be willing to remove these remarks
Thank you
Darrel Lewis
Hanoverton Oh