Saturday, February 9, 2008

Business complaints

You never know what can happen to you the other day. Your favorite plate can break, you friend can let you down, you may be late to the important meeting, a bank can overdraft your account, you may be served questionable dinner at the restaurant or your booked in advance hotel apartment may be occupied on your arrival. All this is unpleasant and even depressing. But in some cases the situation can be resolved. In these very cases correct and precise formulation of a complaint may be very helpful.

Key points. Of course it is impossible to write a claim on a cat that broke the plate or on a friend who betrayed you, but banks, hotels and various companies can compensate you all the financial and moral damages, especially if the misunderstanding occurred between two companies.

When writing Business Complaints it is important to be precise and state the business with minimum words, to avoid emotional expressions and premature conclusions. You may not know the person to whom the complaint should be addressed. Terms like disgusted, infuriated, enraged, amazed have no place in business. Polite sentences are more effective “This is the third time this mistake has occurred and we are far from being satisfied with the service you offer”. You should never threaten the receiving party. It is better to describe how the misunderstanding cost you (embarrassment, money, time etc.) and what results you are expecting. All the copies of relevant documents (checks, agreements etc.) should be enclosed with Business Complaints. A well documented business complaint is an effective instrument for protection.

If you have a complaint, do not delay. Bear in mind that the purpose of business is to keep the client, make him come back. Most companies are introducing complaint handling policy as an important part of general management. They strive to satisfy pissed customers in order to remain competitive on the market. The way you inform the company about its mistake will influence the way the company remedies the misunderstanding.


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