Sunday, January 27, 2008

Complaint Writing

When you have experienced some poor service at a store or from the local government or purchased some malfunctioning goods, its is very natural that you can experience some displeasure and even anger. It does not take a scientist to understand what is going on with a consumer who has been cheated. And this feeling of displeasure can even double if the company or the authority who caused it does not want to get the things right. The why keep the negative feelings inside? You should express your displease and hurt consumer dignity in form of a complaint.

General information. Actually, a complaint letter is not just a piece of paper with the expression of displeasure but a legal document. And there are special rules in complaint writing like every legal document has. Usually a complaint contains the enumeration of the facts and legal reasons of why this complaint was filed. If you file a complaint that means that you are the plaintiff or the filing party. The company that provided you broken goods or poor services would be a defendant. To write a complaint you can just have hurt feelings and release your negative emotions. But to file a legal complaint, you should have the sufficient facts and reasons to support your claim.

How to write a complaint. Writing a complaint letter, you should have some facts in mind. First of all, you should use the language of the official documents to make the company take it serious. Then, you should explain all the circumstances of the fact of bad treatment. You should provide all the copies of any papers you have. This should be a rule to keep good records of all the documents. This can really make a difference between good and bad settlement of the complaint. Do not expect them to remember all the facts of the purchase or what you agreed upon and what they did.

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