Sunday, January 13, 2008

HP Complaints and Dell Complaints

Huge technology corporations are known for the enormous turnover and quality products and services. Latest technology is one of the most lucrative industries ever. Corporations expand and became more influential. Among these are Hewlett-Packard Corporation and Dell Corporation. But still, there are many controversies that make people complain. To understand the reason of these complaints, we should get better informed about these companies.

Hewlett-Packard Corporation. This information technology corporation specializes in manufacturing and providing of personal computers, laptops, servers, software and some other digital imaging appliances such as photo and video cameras, printers, ink cartridges and so on. According to various sources, at the present time Hewlett-Packard is the largest IT corporation in the whole world and the largest retailer of personal computers. Though the company was initially targeted at university, research and business customers, it gained a wide consumer base with an expanded computer product lines. HP has its on-line shop, which also is the reason why many people post Hewlett-Packard complaints. People state that the company does not honor the price matching. Besides, there were many Hewlett-Packard complaints file during the HP spying scandal in 2006.

Dell Corporation. Dell Computer Corporation is another huge information technology corporation, an eternal rival of Hewlett-Packard. This company was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell. The company specializes in production, retail and supporting of personal computers, servers, notebook computers, printers, etc. This is the second top seller of computers in the United States. This company is one of the first companies that started to sell computers on-line. Though, there have been many complaints filed about Dell computers and Dell customer service. In these Dell complaints the customers tell about poor quality of notebook computer batteries and computer adapters. Besides, Dell fails to delver the bought Dell products on time and there can be a week delay and even more.


Roshan said...

i hav a hp laptop namd compaq nx6115.suddenly a blue screen come n ma laptop restarts,i hv already formated ma laptop also hav antivirus,but still m getting da same problem,how can i fix it?

maricel said...

I recently bought a HP computer in July of this year.I thought HP was a good comuter,but i was wrong.The first 20 days the computer worked great and after the 20 days my hard drive failed.So i called HP tech support and they intured sent me a hard drive,by the way this is my second hard drive.So i installed the hard drive,but unfortunately the hard drive failed when reformatting the hard drive.So i reformatted the hard drive again and this time it took it.The second hard drive that i have installed does not support microsoft excel 2003 for some reason or gaming software and other.So i called HP again to order a 3rd hard drive and of course HP sent me a 3rd hard drive and after receiving my 3rd hard drive my wireless connective goes out.Now i am unable to connect wireless anymore on this HP computer and also when i log off on this computer.The computer is stuck in logg off mode and just stays there.I bought this computer 44 days ago brand new and now its real does not work any more.HP knows how to build lemon computer and HP does not stand behind there products at all.